Are you a team player? If not then good for you…

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The other day I was accused of not being a team player, the reason being (if you’re interested) was because I refused to indulge in the totally pointless random idiocy of submitting ridiculous banal crappy posts via Face book in support of Breast Cancer.

Well guess what, I’ve never really been a team player as such, I’ve always refused to indulge in ‘icebreakers’ for instance when on a study day, and I don’t particularly care for standing up in class and telling anyone what I think are my bad points. I remember I just stood and said I didn’t have any. Funnily enough I was accused of not being a team player then!!!

Have you ever noticed that whenever you don’t want to be blackmailed or coerced into doing something you just don’t want to do then whoever is doing the coercing etc will often accuse you of not being a team player? This type of thing was endemically bad back in the 90’s but thank heavens it appears to have died out a tad, either that or they know I’m in the room and know I’m going to make the whole group rebel and just don’t bother!!

Well I’ve worked for the NHS for 40 years in Sept of this year and over those years I’ve managed to rub shoulders quite well with colleagues and other folks despite not being a team player so I don’t really think I’m doing too badly, I’ve made a great many friends over those years and those friendships weren’t made over icebreakers etc, they were forged over long hours slogging on the wards.

The point of my ahem discussion (rant) is, if anyone dares to accuse you of not being a team player just because you don’t want to indulge or join in something you don’t want to do, then don’t be pressured into doing so. You’re your own person, an individual not a sheep stupidly following the rest of the herd. (and there is a marketing lesson in that last sentence BTW).

Embrace and rejoice in the fact that you’re not ‘part of the team’ because it shows you have strength of character. Make your own mark, don’t just follow someone elses.

PS for the record I do support Breast Cancer, it’s just that I do it with cold hard cash which I’m sure they find a lot more useful…

End of rant…


  • Shirley

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    I love it – I really love it. I’m with you Kim – I’m definitely not a team player – and who the so and so would want to be 🙂 ha. I – like yourself – am a totally unique being…..and see things the way I see them….No I don’t forward crappy emails about this and that either….

    I really do genuinely look forward to meeting you one day….I’m one of your fans already.

    You have a great day – and don’t let the blighters get you down.

    Oh yea – I know about `stuff’ – as well as healing people…I’ve not had any internet for two days….and today after the last BT engineer came and went – it went orff yet `again’…..and it took a call from my friend to help me understand that it takes 24 to 48 hours to re-settle itself. Re-settle itself?? Gordon Bennet clearly the internet is male – if it was female it would know to piggin well adjust itself with the speed of light.

    Every encouragement – yer Ace :-).

    • Kim

      Reply Reply March 27, 2014

      lol I look forward to meeting you as well Shirley

      I’m convinced my head cold the other week disappeared thanks to your intervention..

  • Peter Jackson

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    Team player! Isn’t that just an unfriendly term used when you refuse to bend to the whim of someone who you think is not doing what you consider to be the right thing.

    To my mind it is a form of bullying. I was bullied unmercifully as a child because I had a medical condition and what comes to mind is the one or two who refused to join in the bear baiting were also shunned until they became team players.

    • Kim

      Reply Reply March 27, 2014

      Oh Peter, you sum it up so much better than me

      Yes of course it’s a form of bullying…

  • Sue Worthington

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    Hi Kim

    Thank you for giving me a laugh this morning!

    I was just imagining you ranting about this – I could have written this myself rofl – I also HATE icebreakers.

    See I knew I liked you straight away – this just confirms why.
    Someone tells us we should do something and we automatically rebel.

    I also hate the posts on Facebook where someone is telling everyone what good deeds they do like paying anonymously for the woman behind them in the supermarket queue’s shopping.
    If they want to do these good deeds anonymously why the heck do they tell everyone on Facebook – so that they then get 100 people telling them how wonderful they are! Grrr see you’ve got me going now!


    • Kim

      Reply Reply March 27, 2014

      Same here Sue, its a case of look at me, what a nice person I am lol

      We should get together again soon


  • Elaine Summers

    Reply Reply March 27, 2014

    Hi Kim
    A woman of my own heart, it is sometimes hard not to do what the massess want. However it is always good to be true to yourself, i can remember when I have completed things just to be a team player, no longer, think the ability to say “no” most come with age and self confidence.

    • Kim

      Reply Reply March 27, 2014

      You’re right Elaine

      I can remember the times when I’ve been younger and I’ve had to pull my guts out of my socks to go against what someone else wanted, it does get easier with age

  • Andrew

    Reply Reply March 27, 2014

    I’m in total agreement with you there Kim I’ve never subscribed to this corporate speak and emotive “nudging” to get you to comply, because that’s what it is. I prefer to stand on my own two feet but in other ways I have also worked hard with a crowd of people to get something done, call it team work if you want, but we hardly had a committee meeting about it before hand to pick team leaders and assign tasks etc.

    The more someone tries to force something on others the more they will question it and rebel!


    • Kim

      Reply Reply March 27, 2014

      Exactly Andrew

      I’ve always managed to work with other folks and get a ton of work done.

      I guess you can work as part of a team without being a team player lol

  • Manoranjan

    Reply Reply March 28, 2014

    Hi Kim,

    You are correct from your point of view.

    Becoming a part of a team is not always negative. Great things are usually done through team.

    What team can do??

    They can generate a wider range of ideas and innovation than individuals;
    They often take more risks than individuals; more risks means greater success.
    They have a range of personalities such as workers, thinkers, leaders who contribute the right balance of skills necessary to achieve high performance;
    They can be a support mechanism which provide mentoring and allow others to grow in self-confidence.

    But sad thing that it has got less freedom and requires highest level of adjustments.

    In John’s program perhaps success is more dependent on team than individual effort.



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