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open envelope with paper vector illustrationIf you subscribe to a number of ‘newsletters’ from some of the well known (and not so well known) marketer’s, you’ll see a common phenomenon especially when promoting the newest hottest gizmo, and that is the practice of using pre-written emails to their lists. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of pre-written emails, after all I use them myself on my sites over at EasyMemberPro and others, I’m a big believer in them and I think it’s one the things you should be providing your affiliates with. However it’s total sheer laziness to just send them them out as they are.

Back in the day, I don’t mind admitting to the fact that I made a lot of money from affiliate marketing, I was an itty bitty marketer compared to some of those out there, but you could always guarantee I was up there in the top three if not always first on the leaderboards and the reason was I used pre-written emails, but I rewrote them!!

As a marketer yourself, you’ll know come launch day how immensely irritating it is to get the same email from a load of different marketers all saying exactly the same thing. It’s sloppy and it’s lazy and I must confess to having a massive unsubscribe fest when I get a load of them landing in my inbox. 

In fact I’d go on to say it’s near enough online suicide… 

There are some very well known people out there using unedited pre-written emails to blast out to their lists and I just can’t fathom out why they do it, is it lack of time, boredom or just can’t be bothered to put a bit of work into it,

Here’s a tip from someone who’s been doing this for quite a long time.

By all means use a pre-written email to send out an affiliate offer to your list, but don’t be an idiot, stamp your own personality onto the email and please change the subject line, A couple of people who do it right are Martin Avis and Tony Shepherd. I often buy something through one of their links because they gave me their own reason to buy it.

Many people don’t like to think they are being marketed to (Including weirdly enough other marketers), so make your emails to your list more personable and watch your conversions soar. 

You might even end up at the front on that leaderboard…



  • Pauline

    Reply Reply March 10, 2014

    Hi Kim I am a future marketer so this is very god advice. I am also a current prospect/buyer and I must admit once I see the identical emails landing in my inbox I just delete without reading. I feel as if I am being drowned in them.


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