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Thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about communicating with your members when you’re running a membership site…

As marketers we all know communication is important and a key component of every phase of your membership. From getting your visitors to look at your offer  to communicating with your members about new content you’ve added to your site plus then funneling them through the process of getting acquainted and correctly using your site.

 The most popular means of communication online is of course your email list. Yes, you can use other means of communicating to get individuals on to your list (and you should), such as offline advertising, pay per click advertising and even your blog, but it’s your email subscription offer that brings those much needed members to your site. It’s often said in marketing circles that the money is in the list and it’s one of those cliche’s that are true for once. 

The emails you send out feed the people on your list more information than other methods because if done properly it’s this information that convinces people to join your membership site. So in effect, your email list becomes your bread and butter especially as it is the primary means of communicating with your prospects.

An email list also allows you to build trust and value for your talents and expertise because your emails allow you to build a relationship with people on your list and hopefully they will start to trust you and your judgement. 

When building a list you need a decent autoresponder service such as AWeber or GetResponse. You can start with a free option, but you may find yourself quite limited when your list grows bigger. free is something you need to think about carefully. However with EMP, you also have a choice when wanting to email your list because you have a built in autoresponder included in your software. 

Your autoresponder (whichever one you use), is an excellent communication tool not only because it gets the information out to lots of people but it can also be used to pre-sell your offer and pre-qualify individuals who are more likely to join your membership site. If you pre-qualify prospects you will have fewer refunds to issue later on because pre-qualifying creates a more stable membership with those people who really want to be there. 

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