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Sincfile000933577884e I came back online a couple of years ago I’ve had a fair bit of success in the things I’ve done, Kindle especially has been very good to me and I’ve made quite a bit of money through my kindle products. However I have to admit I’ve found certain elements of life online that I used to find easy don’t seem to work as well as they used to do so I finally came to the realisation that I needed a mentor…

As usual, I’ve gone overboard, (I never do anything by half), two UK marketers whom I respect hugely offered a coaching course a couple of months ago and I asked them if they could tailor it to my needs if I joined up. They could, so without further ado I found myself on a weekly conference call with 2 top UK marketers plus access to them as needed.

It wasn’t cheap and I must admit I thought carefully before taking the plunge, but I’m so pleased I did. Knowing I have that backup is brilliant. We’ve already made a lot of changes to EasyMemberPro and I’m seeing the difference in both sales and enquiries coming in. I’d imagine I’ll make my investment back within the next couple of months. They’ve promised to send a mailing out to ther list so that will certainly help recoup the cost.

As I said, I dont do things by half, coincidentally John Thornhill another very prolific marketer in the UK launched his Partnership to Success coaching course the other week.. (It’s closed now so I won’t bother giving you the link). I know John from years ago and I’ve always been impressed by him so I thought I’d take the plunge. I just signed up for the monthly payment plan because I reasoned I could cancel it at any time if it was too basic for me. (I don’t like to refund if I can help it), I think a few folks in his little community were surprised  I’d joined up, but as I said in response, there’s always something to learn from others in the profession no matter where you are progress wise.

Yes it’s a basic course, I blinked a bit I must confess when I saw week one last week, (It was very basic), but after seeing this weeks material I can see the genious of the whole thing. John breaks his teaching into bite sized pieces, and as someone who has taught adults for many years I can identify with it completely because it’s how I like to teach as well. The course covers a year and I suspect it will gradually get a lot harder. (I’m looking forward to it).

Only you can decide if you need an online mentor, but if you’re struggling just a tad, I can highly recommend it. Be careful who you choose though, there are a number of charlatans and conmen out there, make sure you do your research and don’t fall for any smooth talkers.



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