Dont be too quick to fire your boss…


If you’re into making a lot of money online, then I suspect one of your goals is firing your boss as soon as you can, If you have a job you truly hate, then to be honest I don’t blame you, but if you feel stimulated and excited about what you do offline, then I’d seriously consider carefully whether you’re doing the right thing by giving it all up. 

Yeah, yeah, I know firing your boss is supposed to be the ultimate holy grail of IM, but surprisingly, there are quite a few people out there who actually like what they do. 

If you’ve read my about me page, you’ll see I didn’t want to ever fire my boss even after I hit the big time online, I had a very well paid job that really stimulated me and a boss that I liked (who was lovely), plus an extremely good pension I’d worked hard towards for thirty years. So I never had any intention of giving up my day job whilst running my internet career. Having said that, I freely admit to having problems towards the end because I ended up finding it impossible to juggle the 2. but it was the online life I gave up for a few years rather than the offline one, despite my IM income being worth more.

I’m just no good working from home without the stimulus of other people. I’m a gregarious soul and I love the company of others, the thought of being stuck at home every day with no-one to talk to except my dog gives me the shivers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my own company and I can quite happily work here at my computer all day on my online biz, but every day doing the same thing? Nope, nada no thanks.

That really struck home when I was lucky enough to retire when I was 53 back in 2011, I was rubbing my hands in glee at the thought of being able to sit at the computer every day and work at resurrecting my online biz. I lasted a whole month before I cracked and joined the nurse bank at my old hospital so I could work at least 1-2 days a week outside the house in a nursy capacity doing something completely different to IM. I’m very lucky now, I work offline pretty much when I want to, which gives me the chance to interact with other people plus I have all the time I need to work on my online stuff. I’m very blessed. 

So where am I going with this? 

If you’re now becoming successful enough that you’re able to contemplate giving up your job, think carefully about what you’re going to replace those hours with especially if you’re social interaction with other people is going to lessen drastically. After all talking with someone on Skype or email isn’t quite the same as rubbing shoulders with your co-workers. Going out to work is a social thing, very often work is where we forge lifelong friendships and relationships, it’s not quite as easy to do that on Facebook!

You might wake up one day and find you have a ton of money, but no-one to help you spend it so be careful and ensure you have a social life…


  • John Koen

    Reply Reply March 7, 2014

    That’s an interesting take on working online full time. I can imagine it can get quite boring and lonely with no one to talk to during the day. I agree online communication only goes so far.

    FYI, the comment box here on your blog is quite small by default.



  • Iga

    Reply Reply March 7, 2014

    Today, I notice a lot of coodependency and neediness between “friends” where being alone is almost devastating. For me true friendship means freedom,freedom of choice, where you are and what you do in your life. That is only my opinion Kim so dont be angry 🙂 Maybe that kind of job is not for everyone, for me it would be perfect. Working online fulltime i would flexible to travel the world, to set up in a tropical place such as Costa Rica, enroll to sport places and meet new people there during my free time being in a fantastic nature with a access to great organic tropical fruits ;))) that is my dream- freedom and emotional independence to anyone else. Greetings, Iga

    • kimstanderline

      Reply Reply March 7, 2014

      I think you have a wise head on your shoulders Iga and I know the IM dream for many people is to do exactly as you you’ve stated.

      I don’t find being alone dreadful or devastating, in fact I love my own company, (I’ve been working online alone in the house all day today), I just don’t like to do it each and every day.

      I like to be out and about. I like working as a nurse as well as working online and I was lucky enough to enjoy my previous job.

      To be honest I think I’m very lucky to be able to have the choice of doing exactly what I want to do.

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