Get this brilliant book…

If you want to read a really good book about how you should conduct yourself in business then I can recommend you get this one. I’m in a mentoring group where we were told to download it and read and I’ve got to tell you it blew my mind away.

I bought the kindle edition because I wanted to read it straight away, but I’ve also now bought the paperback version because there are bits in there I want to highlight. I read it in one sitting and couldnt stop thinking about it for ages afterwards…

I’ve also just downloaded the sequel Go-givers sell more which is equally as good.

They both really give you food for thought when thinking about how to conduct yourself not only online, but also in your personal life.


  • Bill Allen

    Reply Reply March 10, 2014

    Yup, great book. Just finished reading it on John’s recommendation as well.

    Once you’re finished with that, I suggest reading Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Another life changing book. I literally listen to the audio version at least once a month. It is that good.

    • kimstanderline

      Reply Reply March 11, 2014

      Thanks Bill, I think I’m really getting into these self help type of books!

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