trampI was talking to Tony Shepherd the other day about a blog post he’d written I found particularly interesting.

BTW if you’re not following him online you should be as he’s one of the most successful online marketer’s in the UK. Get on his list and see how email marketing is done by a professional!!!

Anyway back to our conversation. This blog post had struck a real chord with me because I’m exactly the same as Tony inasmuch I don’t drive a flashy car, dress up or ponce about with designer handbags etc. (Not that I imagine Tony ponces about with handbags designer or otherwise I hasten to add)…

In fact my car is a real old banger and a real embarrassment to my husband. Like Tony though we have a really nice one if we are going anywhere my poor old Focus would really shame him. I love my old banger though and it’s going to be a real wrench when I’m made to finally give it up I have visions of me sobbing and screaming as I’m dragged away from it.. 🙁

I’ve never wanted to dress in designer gear, I find slobbing about in old trackies and a tee much more comfortable when I’m at home. Even in my offline job I was never inclined to power dress like many of the other women did/do. I always dressed comfortably though smartly. (And those office clothes still hang in my wardrobe unworn since I retired)!!

We don’t live in a huge house, it’s just your average semi where we’ve lived in for 35 years.  I remember my daughters ex partner bragging about his huge house etc compared to ours (He’s not a nice person), until I gently reminded him our’s was paid for and he still had a huge mortgage wrapped around his neck!!

We used to think about moving somewhere bigger when we were younger but we came to the realization we didn’t really want to. We love our home and never saw the point of shifting somewhere else just to show folks how well we were doing..

I’ve come to the conclusion that folks like me (and Tony) are comfortable in our own skin. We’re not bothered what other people think when they look us over and judge us as unworthy because we may look like something living on Benefits street on occasion.

Because who cares what other folks think about us? I’ve come to the conclusion many successful folks have the same mindset. I belong to a fairly exclusive mastermind club (we meet up in London),and there are a number of very successful folks there who turn up in  tee shirts etc they bought from their local Tesco. (I love it).

In fact you may just be amazed especially if you go to Internet seminars etc how many extremely wealthy people you are rubbing shoulders with who are dressed in something your local tramp just might turn his nose up at 🙂

You never know, that scruffy guy sitting next to you just might be a wealthy entrepreneur who could help you take your biz to the next level.. 

I’m not going to say too much more because I think Tony says it so much more eloquently than me. Read his post again and think about where your priorities lie. (It may make the difference to your whole mindset)

Leave him a comment on what you think. (He’s a great guy BTW)

Till next time

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    • igor Griffiths

      Well hello Kim, you post reminds me of a London Lunch I attended last year,these are hosted as you know by Martin Avis and are massively informal.

      Anyway, during the after lunch chats, I was sat opposite a man dressed in what could only be described as rather tatty but comfortable clothing. Our conversation swung over to the topic of paid advertising and testing your ads, he let slip that he had lost over $100K during one test and I do not believe this was bravado because there was no pause to gauge my reaction!

      As you point out, wealth is what is on the inside not what you can see on the outside thus being comfortable in our own skin is the most important goal we have.


    • Sky Nealon

      Hi Kim

      Another fantastic post and indeed, most rich / successful people i.e. the actual ones that have a big balance, i.e. Warren Buffet, the owner of Ikea etc… unlike those who are fake or fools seeking fame, will actually be driving just ordinary boring cars like many of us, they’ll also be living in ordinary houses and still comparing deals and scrimping the last penny or dime and making it go further.

      Why? like you said, they are comfortable in their own skin and don’t see the need to flash or prove anything to others, above all, they have achieved a happy mindset and understanding of the concept ” freedom from being a slave to money” and that everything in the world is simply a game of charade of confidence.


    • kimstanderline

      Thank you Sky

      It would be nice to be in the same league as Mr Buffet wouldn’t it lol


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