It’s Valentine’s day every day in the Standerline household…

roseAnd if you think I mean my husband Bobby (or myself come to that) innundate each other with soppyness and flowers etc every day, you couldnt be more wrong. We’re probably the most unromantic couple in the UK and we bicker and squabble dreadfully on a daily basis.

Bobby doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body, Oh he made an effort the first few years we were together, but it soon dackered off and the valentine’s cards with the loving messages in them disappeared to be no more. I wasn’t particualrly bothered (though I pretended to be), because it meant I didnt have to bother either 🙂

We love the bones off each other and as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t need to buy me a bunch of flowers or a card to prove it because he proves he cares every day in everything he does.

Bobby’s idea of romance is going to the market and buying me a pair of slippers because I mentioned my feet were cold!!!

Anyone can nip to the supermarket and buy a bunch of overpriced flowers and card, it takes a lot more to sustain a relationship which only gets better for nearly 40 years  and I think we’ve done that in spades…

So yeah, that’s why I think it’s Valentine’s day every day in the Standerline household…

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