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Way back in 2004 I read a book by an entrepreneur  I’d admired since I first went online called Phil Gosling.

I’d been following Phil for a couple of years by then, I’d come across him quite by chance back in 2002 when I first started online myself. Phil had a home publishing course at the time which I’d bought from someone second hand. (It was several files huge as this was in the days before we put everything on discs etc, but I remember I devoured every word (it was that good). In fact looking back, I’d attribute a lot of my success back in the day down to reading Phil’s home publishing course.

I was absolutely fascinated by the stuff he had to say and followed him quite avidly from then on. A couple of years later we met up at an event where he was speaking about copy writing, If I remember correctly, the only reason I attended that event was because Phil was speaking. I had a seriously embarrassing case of hero worship at the time lol, but luckily he got past my cringy gushing and we ended up being good friends lol.

We met up again last weekend at another Internet marketing do and he was still the charming lovely man he ever was and I’m sorry to admit, I was probably the fawning sycophant again. But I just can’t help it, he’s such a lovely man, (who doesn’t love a man who is a complete gentleman and kisses your hand when he meets you)…

Anyway we got talking about his best selling book ‘Success Engineering’ which he first wrote (and I read) way back in 2004. I was pleasantly surprised when he told me it was still on Clickbank and Amazon and still selling well. I’d lost my copy a few computer’s ago, but when he arrived back at his home, he very kindly emailed it over plus it’s sister book ‘Luck Engineering’ (which I hadn’t read).

To be honest the worst thing I could have done was open it up and start reading Success Engineering that evening because it was 2am before I finally dragged myself off to bed! I’d forgotten quite how fascinating it is to read and I ended up completely knackered the next day…

I suppose you could call it a self help/goal setting book in one way, but in another it’s not. (I don’t particularly like self help books).  As Phil says in his copy..

‘Unlike anything you’ve read before, this has little to do with psychology or business planning. This is about science, in particular Quantum Physics,  and how stunning new discoveries have re-written our understanding of how things work, and how you can take that power to make things happen in your life, right now’

I could wax lyrical about Success Engineering all day and write huge paragraphs, but I won’t because I want you to look at it for yourself. Click Here and you’ll discover for yourself just how good the book is. He even lets you read several pages so you can see just how good it is. It’s cool quirky and fun to read…

BTW If you buy it, let me know if you find your blue feather…

In the meantime I’m going to make myself a coffee, print out, curl up and read Luck Engineering, (my idea of a blissful afternoon)…


  • German Calvo

    Reply Reply March 21, 2014

    You know Kim, I’ve just clicked on your link in the “Other Cool Blogs” on my blog, at random, to comment, as John advises us to do, and your post about Phil Gosling’s “Success Engineering”, immediately caught my attention.

    And I am glad I read your post because being a former engineer myself, I believe what Phil Gosling is writing about. Psychology now is added to what I used to do mechanically to the extend that everything that you see, hear, smell, touch or feel is ‘engineered’. Yes I had my hand on countless items across numerous industries, assembling into everything we see around us in this technological age, for over 40 years!

    So I bought the book you are promoting and look forward to a good read. Your recommendation and the first pages I’ve read convince me it is going to be a good read. Besides, I just went through the first 2 books of Jordan Belfort, which are amazing! and also the “Go-Giver” that John asked us to read which I liked a lot too. So I am ready for “Success Engineering” right now. See? I can’t retire from Engineering and now it is time to keep feeding the mind.

    Thanks for a great post.

  • kimstanderline

    Reply Reply March 23, 2014

    Oh wow I’m so pleased you bought it German, please will you let me know what you think to it, it’s the sort of thing I find absolutely fascinating 🙂

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