toilet rollAnything that can possibly go wrong will do so and I sure have been feeling the effects of that law just recently.

It’s been one thing after another this week and to be honest I’m just about at the end of my tether with it all, I’m tired and crabby and I’m ready for a holiday. In fact I was so fed up with everything this morning, I took myself off back to bed for an hour so I had only myself and the dog to fall out with!!!

I’m a drama queen at the best of times so I know I tend to magnify problems when they happen but the past week has really tried my patience, it’s ranged from folks who don’t actually read what they are sent then moan about it, to gremlins in just about everything I’ve touched including disappearing emails and software that decides it just doesn’t want to play ball…

Poor old Mike our programmer and Debbie my tech support and invaluable VA must have wanted to punch me at a couple of points during this last week but luckily they just ignore my tantrums and moans and groans. (Hopefully they love me really)…

So after our recent launch I need to get myself back on course, it was so hectic I let a load of other things slip including my blogging and P2S course and I’m conscious of the fact I’m getting behind on my coursework and not spoken to my mentors for ages so need to catch up on those. I think once I’m back up to speed with that I’ll be a lot happier and not so crabby and mean.

Watch this space…



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    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Kim, sorry you seem to have had a bad time this last week, I assume problems with product launch? I took advantage of your special launch offer. knowing that at some stage I am thinking of using a membership site for the product I’m working on for P2S. I have downloaded EMP but it’s still in ‘it’s box’ while I concentrate on the P2S program…

      Take care,

      Richard G M Taylor recently posted…Amazing WP EditorMy Profile

    • kimstanderline

      Hi Richard

      Sorry for the late reply..

      No problems with the product launch as such, just gremlins during it (Our desk decided to be a real bitch)!!

      Don’t worry about getting your install done within the 30 days, just let me know when you’re ready and we’ll sort it for you


    • Samir

      So sorry for your bad times, Eventually you would come out from all the issues. I always say to my friends that problems are only 15% among that 85% is our mindset. We gonna need to work on that.

      I hope you get my point.

    • kimstanderline

      Certainly do, thanks for your comment

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