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Have you ever heard of the 4 levels of competency?

I used to teach them in my old offline job when trying to teach folks how to teach. I found them an incredibly useful tool when trying to explain levels of competency etc.

Anyhoo I got to thinking the other day when I was looking over some old teaching slides how the four levels of competency can be applied to marketing and I realised they can fit very well.

See where you fit inside the 4 levels of marketing competence… You may find it interesting and surprising..

First level =Unconscious Incompetence.

You not only don’t know what you’re doing – you also don’t know that you don’t know what you’re doing. (You might need to read that sentence again for clarification.)!

It could be you think you’re a pretty good marketer yet nothing is working. You may even think the reason nothing is working for you is because of forces beyond your control. Guess again, take a good hard look at yourself  and if you suspect you’re in this category, get help. I would highly recommend seeking out a qualified mentor. Unconscious incompetence is the lowest level, the one most of us start out at, so don’t be embarrassed if this might be you. It only gets better from here, (or at least it should do).

Second level=Conscious Incompetence.
You’ve finally figured out the reason your brilliant marketing isn’t working is because it isn’t brilliant at all because you don’t have a clue what you’re doing and you finally realise it. This is a good thing because you recognize you need to learn more about your business and the need to learn from others who are having consistent success.

 Third level =Conscious Competence.
Congratulations! You’ve done your homework, you’ve attended classes, read the books, watched the videos, made the contacts or whatever. You finally know how to market successfully. The only problem is, you have to expend a lot of thinking to get things right. It’s like when you first learned to drive. You could get from point A to point B successfully, but it took all of your concentration and focus.

To make things easier at this point you should keep swipe files, checklists, outlines and so forth. Don’t reinvent anything yet, just keep doing more and more of what works. You could stay in this stage forever and earn an excellent living, but you don’t have to because with a bit of luck and lots of hard work you’ll reach…

Fourth level =Unconscious Competence.
This is the final level you need to reach. Everything drops into place from here and you can make money effortlessly whenever you go near your computer. it’s the level every Internet marketer strives to be at. Marketing becomes second nature to you. You don’t need checklists or swipe files because everything just flows from you like a fountain. You’re the go to guy, the ‘Internet marketing Guru’ and who wouldn’t want to be at this level!

How do you get there? The same way you do anything worth doing and that is work hard, make good contacts and practice like crazy until you get it right. Some of us unfortunately often get stuck stuck at at different levels. Many Internet marketers for instance never get beyond the first level of unconscious incompetence and this can be due to a variety of things including impatience, arrogance lack of knowledge etc. Instead of learning IM from the bottom up, they often get sucked in to all the get rich quick schemes or the next shiny object that promises them instant riches with a minimum of work.

As long as you’re willing to learn, it does get easier and many astute folks make their way through the 4 levels quite easily. The secret (if there is a secret is knowing exactly where you’re at and working from there).

What level are you at!!!

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    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Kim, I barely had time to leave a comment on your previous post, when lo and behold, you publish yet another excellent, thought provoking post! You seem to be on a roll with your posting right now, which is really putting my posting efforts to shame:-)

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    • kimstanderline

      Lol I was on a roll last week Richard, I wrote then queued em up

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