One of the problems with Internet marketing I’ve heard people comment on over the years is knowing how to trust people you’ve never met who want to do business with you online.

If you think about it, we Internet marketers are a strange bunch of folks because we’ll happily do business involving sometimes tens of thousands of dollars with people we’ve never met in person, yet we’d probably view with suspicion anyone who came knocking on the front door wanting to do the same.. 

To be honest I’ve been scammed a couple of times over the years but it’s not been from people I’ve JV’d with, its been people I’ve wanted to do some work for me and they’ve scarpered off with my deposit. Luckily I’m a northern tight git and the sums involved have been relatively small.

Ironically the deals I’ve been involved with involving thousands of dollars have always been flawless. I don’t tend to sweat the small stuff, I’m a big believer in Karma and I’d imagine folks who don’t follow through on promises never amount to much anyway. (But I digress)…

I’ve discovered especially since I came back online a few years ago that contacts are a major key to getting my products out there under the hungry gaze of would be buyers. Yes I have my own list (Of course), but JV’ing with other marketers is an important part of the puzzle of making money online especially if your prospective JV partner is very successful with a huge list of their own.

Something else I’ve noticed as well…

If you have a successful important marketer promoting your products, it makes other big marketers sit up and notice you! in other words, they’ll check it out, probably ask your JV partner how it’s selling etc and they start promoting it to their list. Within days if not hours, you’ll find other successful marketers jumping on and you end up with a decent sized launch, before you know it, you’ve got product of the day with JVZoo or whatever other platform you’re using. 

The problem though, is getting those initial contacts made…

Have you any idea how many pitches well known marketers get every day from folks asking if they will promote their product. (It’s a lot I can assure you) and there is no way anyone can possibly have the time to go through someone elses product just in the faint possibility there is a golden nugget somewhere, (It just ain’t going to happen cos they are far to busy).

What tends to happen nowadays (I’ve found) is there are groups of successful marketers who work together with promotions and stuff and the beauty of their system is each one of them has access to their own different contacts lists etc. (Does that make sense). In other words you’re reaching more and more would be subscribers with each marketer who is on board with the group and therefore your all important launch. It’s a powerful way of doing product launches. 

So how do you manage to join one of these groups?  

You can’t just barge in, you usually have to be invited and one of the best ways of doing so is attending a live event where you get to meet these people.

If you’ve never been to a live event, then you’re missing out big time. Live events are the life blood of IM, they are where you get together with like minded people and you connect completely. For instance, if an outsider were to listen to us all huddled together at the bar one night after a day filled with Im stuff, discussing list building, product launches etc, no doubt their eyes would glaze over with boredom. Yet us weirdo’s find it utterly fascinating 🙂

I’ve been attending live events since 2004 and I thoroughly enjoy them, I’ve made a load of friends through attending Live events and when I email about a recommended product and talk about my friend Simon, Richard, John, Martin etc then it’s true, I do know them, I’ve met them, had meals with them, even had a few drinks with them. These are people I do business with on a regular basis because we’ve met and we trust each other.

You go to live events and you probably won’t realise it at first but the bloke you’re sitting next too sat in nondescript jeans and tee shirt may well be an Internet multi millionaire. I know this to be true because it’s happened to me. 

It’s simple really, You have to start attending live events even if it’s only for the networking that goes on at the bar afterwards. And I can assure you, many thousands of dollars worth of deals have been started over those bar discussions.

You need to attend a live event and meet up with the people who you want to do business with. So if you haven’t been to one yet then you need to get to one pronto, (And don’t forget they are tax deductible).

Luckily they don’t cost as much as they used to do, (I paid a thousand dollars to attend an event in London a few years ago), but like everything else to do with online marketing prices have dropped to a much more sustainable level.

I’m going to be in London the 19th, 20th and the 21st of September attending a live event and I’m very much looking forward to it. The subject is something as Internet marketers we should all be aware of and something close to my heart, setting up products then launching them. You’ll also have a chance to meet people like Simon Warner, Richard Fairburn, Andy Fletcher and a host of other successful Internet Marketers (plus me of course)…

I’ll just finish off by saying one last thing about live events and product launches. 

When we relaunched EasyMemberPro back in April it was so successful because I’d attended a live event a few weeks previously run by Simon Warner and Richard Fairburn in Manchester. 

I got chatting to them both on the last night and they asked me if I’d be interested in them helping me to do the relaunch, I nearly fell over my feet saying yes and we then went on to make 6 figures in a week!!

If you want to discover how to get your IM products flying off the shelf then get yourself here. It’s brilliantly priced for the content included.

If you do mdrunk womananage to get there, please hunt me out so we can have a chat and a drink together, I’ll be the one propping up the bar 🙂

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