WPI have to admit I’ve been a tad lax in my blogging efforts just recently due to being really busy with our launch n stuff. But I’m back with a vengeance now and seeking out blogs to comment on etc as well as writing my own.

One thing I wanted to mention though (and I probably have before), is why do folks make it so hard for others to comment on their own blog?

As part of the Partnership to Success course I’m completing we have to maintain a blog and comment on others, so I try to comment on at least three a day. The problem though is I find it increasingly difficult to comment on other partner blogs as the days and weeks go by.

There are a number of reasons I can’t do so which range in some being totally incomprehensible, others not being updated for weeks. (I refuse to comment on a post that is several weeks old), several that don’t even exist anymore  and others, (this is the one that makes me grit my teeth), where you have to jump through so many hoops to comment on a post it’s unbelievable.

I’ve just given up on a couple because I found it so damn frustrating..

I don’t mind being asked if I’m human or any other tickbox for that matter, after all it’s just a click of the mouse, but when I’m being asked to input some obscure word or numbers (and I can never manage to get it right the first time), or I’m being told I haven’t spent enough time on the page reading it (huh) then I’m liable to move on to something else that is much easier to interact with. 

It’s not just me obviously, it’s anyone else who may be wanting to interact with you via your blog, and I do tend to wonder how many other people you’re turning away because they find it so difficult to post a comment.

I love writing my blog, I’ve tried to start several over the past few years and gave up after a few weeks and posts, but I’ve approached this one differently and I might add a couple of weeks before I started the P”S course probably because I’ve decided to put everything under one umbrella (so to speak).

It’s even been suggested I outsource the writing of it, but it’s mine and reflects my personality and I love it when folks take the time and effort to make a comment, (and it’s not always just fellow P2S) so why would I make it difficult to post what they want to share with me? And don’t forget all that Google ‘love’ you’re receiving when you do get comments etc.

Spam comments are an absolute nightmare and the bane of any blogger’s life but I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you activate Askimet on your blog (which now comes as a default with WP), then it will collect just about all of your spam comments and I’d suggest for the sake of the very few that may get through (though I haven’t had any do so yet), then it’s worth weighing up that happening and manually deleting them to making your blog much more interactive.

So come on guys, take the plunge and re-examine all that anti-spam plugin junk you’re using because I suspect you’ll find you just don’t need it and you’re site may load a tad faster because you’re not overloading it with plugin crap.



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    • igor Griffiths

      Well hello Kim

      Your post is very well timed as your visit and comment on my site was the first victim of my Blog Defender implementation, your comment got blocked and deleted so I have no way of knowing why, also now my commentluv application is no longer working.

      So as you say, the best option is to only implement the bare minimum needed to make your site and comments as safe and clean as possible without getting in the way of the main objectives of your site.


      • Kim

        Hope you got it all sorted Igor, I was looking at getting that but not bothered since you said you had problems. I h#just changed my password to something harder

    • Frank Claassen

      Well said Kim,

      If it’s just one click of a mouse to confirm your not a spammer, then it’s no big deal. I’ve experienced several times that I had to click the ‘I’m no spammer’ box, and then had to enter a series of numbers and/or letters. Once I had to do the maths to get to post a comment.

      Nowadays, I just ignore these blogs because it’s a waste of my time, and probably the blog owners just don’t want anyone commenting on their blog.

      Just my 2 cents on this subject


      – Frank
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    • Elaine Summers

      Totally agree Kim
      I struggled with spam until somebody pointed me in the direction of Askinet. It is a touch frustrating when you have taken the time to read somebodys blog and then you have to interpret what figures or letters are in a block at the end.
      Also another relvant point is that some of us are commenting late at night when the eyes are tired and the will slowly slipping away.
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    • Romi

      Hi Kim,

      I actually have noticed this somewhat trend from other blogs a few weeks earlier. And I felt quite odd ‘coz as far as I know, we welcome comments from other blog owners. So the natural thing to do here would be to spoil them in a way by making it easy peazy for them to leave comments.

      I understand they might be wary of spam comments, so they try using various plugins to check these spams. I use Akismet as was suggested inside the P2S program. And up until now, spams inside my blog are filtered effectively.

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    • Samir

      Hello Kim,

      I guess it would be a debate topic! While every one has their own rules for the comments. Some of the bloggers are very interested to interact with the readers and respond to each and every comment (like KIM 🙂

      And I don’t see a confirm button here?


      • kimstanderline

        Not sure what you mean by a confirm button Samir


    • Pauline

      Hi Kim,

      I agree about others making it hard for us to comment. I personally give up if I have to enter a caption of some sort. Much too much for my old eyes.

    • kimstanderline

      lol don’t blame you Pauline

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