Why Multitasking Can Be A Dumb Idea..

Seriously you need to stop multitasking right now.. Believe it or not, switching from task to task does NOT work. In fact, it slows your whole output down. (I speak from experience)..

In a British study, they found constant interruptions such as checking your email, jumping from one job to another etc reduces productivity and leaves you feeling tired, lethargic and unfulfilled.

Apparently the average IQ of those juggling work with checking messages etc falls by 10 points, the equivalent of missing a night’s sleep. In fact, it’s probably better to be stoned than to multitask, since smoking marijuana only decreases your IQ by 4 points…

And guys please take note: Women lose 5 IQ points while multitasking, whilst you lose a whopping 15 points. Yup us women are better at multitasking, (I think we all knew that), but no one escapes the loss of productivity and brain power that comes with constantly being distracted.

If multitasking is so inefficient, then WHY do we do it? Because we love distractions and we get a tiny jolt of dopamine every time we get pulled in a different direction.

But do you know what gives us an even BIGGER shot of dopamine? Getting stuff done and done well. So close down that facebook page and whichever email client you use and get stuck in to doing one thing at a time…

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