Wow I’m really back in the zone…

Work Zone Message - Session Two

Wow I’m really in the Zone now and working really hard on my Internet biz and the thing is everything now seems to be coming together just brilliantly. I’m starting to realize that even though I thought I was working previously in reality I was just sort of chewing on the fringes of what I needed to be doing.

The last few months I knew I wasn’t really where I should be, but I couldn’t seem to get myself organised enough to get anything meaningful done, which seems a tad stupid when you think of the copious amounts of work I managed to get done back in the day when I was running my successful Internet biz and holding down a very demanding full time job.

Suddenly everything has just clicked into place, and I can put it down to a few quite recent events in my life.

1. Was getting myself a mentor, (well I got 2 for the price of one) 🙂 They are both highly respected and successful Internet Marketer’s here in the UK and since I hooked up with them I now have folks I trust to help me proceed on my journey through IM. It was ages before I realized I just couldn’t do it on my own any more. I find I’m now exploring outside of my comfort zone a tad more with their help

2. Attending a marketing event a couple of weekends ago has really given my biz a boost, I’m not going to say too much at the moment, but thanks to that event (which I enjoyed immensely anyway) I’ve come away with a hopefully huge JV venture.

3. Joining a coaching program, again I thought hard and fast about this because it was pretty expensive and quite basic (aimed at newbies), but I know the Coach well, (he has a fantastic reputation), and so thought ‘what the hell’

I took it on a monthly basis which was the more expensive method of payment, but rationalized it by thinking it would be easier and less expensive to drop out if I thought it was too basic. (I certainly don’t believe in asking for refunds for something I’ve used)! So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the program, it does us all good to get back to basics once in a while and the folks I’ve met have been pretty cool.

4. This past week or so I’ve given myself a kick in the ass and got myself more organised, especially at home. I’m not an early bird (I like stopping up at night too much). So now I’m giving the 2am bedtimes a miss and getting there for 12am at the latest.

This was my usual routine (if not doing one of my infrequent shifts at the hospital)

Normally I loll about in bed till around 9.30. I’ve probably been awake since 8am, but I’d lie in bed reading the news on my Ipad

Then I’d get up, wander downstairs, make myself a cup of tea, sit at the computer read my emails and surf Facebook etc. I’d probably hop on our support desk and answer a few problems, then well I dunno really, I probably did a bit of work, not much though, then I’d look at the clock, realize it was lunchtime and I was still sat in my jammies conscious the house was a tip, the ironing needed doing and we had nothing in for tea. So the rest of the day would be spent doing mundane stuff like that, (oh yeah and I’d have to fit my nana nap in there somewhere as well).

Before I knew it, it was evening and as I’d promised myself when I went back online the evening was family time that was it for the day, (nothing specifically done yet again)..

Something definitively had to change, and I realized it was my mindset and I needed to get organised.

This is me the last week or so. 

I try to be in bed and asleep by 12am (if I go any earlier I’m up again at 4am and I refuse to get up that early)! Now I’m up around 7am (my husband nearly died of shock this morning when I pranced down the stairs all dressed and ready for work. (He is an early bird lol)  

BTW, one thing I’ve come to realize is i’ts fatal to get up and come down still in your jammies. I know one of the IM dreams is to run your biz whilst sat in your jammies, but I’ve decided it doesn’t suit me, I’m in a much better mindset when I’m up and dressed. 

I make myself a cup of tea, and I start getting the house tidied so I don’t have to worry about it later. I’m lucky enough to have a cleaner, so half an hour to 3/4 usually makes it look somewhat decent. I’ll have thrown some washing in and by the time it’s done I’m done tidying up and can get it pegged out. By 9am I’m ready to sit down and start work.

I try and stage my day otherwise I get stiff sat here and I’m conscious of the fact I ruined my health when I was online years ago sat here for hours at a time. So after I’ve written this post, I’m going to take the dog for a quick walk to get my old muscles working. then back to work for an hour. She’s at the vets at 12.15, so we’ll go there (if I can get her over the doorstep) then we’ll go the park for half an hour to play catch, a bit of lunch, another couple of hours work, then it will be time to start thinking of cooking some tea for hubby when he gets in from work!! (I might fit a half hour nana nap in there somewhere lol).

It was my birthday on Sunday so my grand kids are throwing me a ‘surprise’ tea later today so I’ll be trundling down to their house later on and as my daughter lives near Tesco, I’ll probably take the opportunity to get some shopping in afterwards.

My goodness I’m so organised it’s scary…

This last few days my output has been phenomenal even though I do say so myself. I’m setting up a new membership site (Which I started a year ago but told myself I didn’t have time to finish). and I’ve done more work on it the past couple of days than I have done all year. I took my own outsourcing advice and asked Debbie one of our EMP Technic’s on the desk to do all the back end stuff  for me, its gonna cost me obviously, but well worth the price. I should have the sales page finished today and we should be up and running hopefully tomorrow, (Well maybe the next day as I’m doing my nursey job tomorrow).

I’ve got another membership site in the pipeline which just needs finishing off, (again its been in the pipeline a year) and I plan on working on that and having it uploaded and ready within the week.


So my question to you, is how organised are you and are you working smart? If not, sit down and think about all the changes you could make to ensure your day is more productive, you may well surprise yourself…


  • Dan Tredo

    Reply Reply March 25, 2014

    Hey Kim,

    Very inspiring post. I know what you are saying – its like this magical thing called momentum. ‘A body in motion tends to stay in motion, a body at rest tends to stay at rest’. Once you start your routines again and find something that works for you, you tend to just keep rolling. I think thats one of the secrets to productivity.

    I’m working at this full time now, so I’ve definitely had to re-route everything about my life. I’m in the gym at 630am for 90 minutes, then home, shower, dress, breakfast and start working from 9am-4pm with a lunch break inbetween. In the evening I read 10 pages of a personal development book and 10 verses in the Bible and thats my normal Mon-Fri routine.

    The key secret is ‘mastering the mundane’. Making successful habits so routine that you don’t even have to really think about them anymore – you just do them. Like I said – very inspiring post and I’m happy you’ve clicked back in to high gear. You sound like you’re really enjoying yourself too.

    I believe from the tone of your post that you are going to be very succcessful indeed. Hope to see you at the top!


  • Darren Hudson

    Reply Reply March 25, 2014

    Hi Kim ,

    My word that’s a long and wealthy post ha ha certainly jogged my mind a bit. Mine is way different as I work permanent nightshift so I have to try and totally reverse my day, which is hard sometimes as the normal things in life to you but makes it harder for me to sleep like someone knocking at my door (cold callers ) or someone ringing my phone mainly the PPI pests or traffic even . Then I have my kids on a weekend too and it all seems to catch up with me , not to mention doing a hard physical job on a night so by the time I get in on a morning I’m whacked.

    But I fight through my sleep barrier to do John’s training as hoping that’s my ticket off nightshift etc and to a better life . Plus my mind is constantly churning of ways to make money, plus i’m active with my stuff on ebay too and amazon+squidoo .

    Aswell as helping people on the forum or ebay forum i’m in too , also my customers on ebay , but i’m determined to see it through to end as this is a life changer for me 🙂 Success to us all

  • kimstanderline

    Reply Reply March 25, 2014

    Hi guys

    Thanks so much for responding

    Darren I feel your pain, I worked nights for 14 years when my daughter was little (Until she was 14) on the wards. I found the secret was to power nap, I’ve got power napping down to a fine art and can just take 20 mins and wake up totally refreshed, it really does help when and if you hit that slump.

    Dan, I should join the gym again even if it’s only to get in the pool and swim a few lengths a few times a week. Otherwise I hate to confess this, but I hate exercising, I’m essentially a very lazy person 🙁

  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    Well hello Kim, great to hear you have got your mojo back and that those long ignored projects are finally getting some attention.

    I am trying to block my time into activities such as visiting your blog and creating my own content and solutions previously I would over focus on one activity and neglect all else. Its amazing how quickly one week missed turns into several weeks of no marketing emails sent or no blog posts created and thus a dead list and a dead blog!


  • kimstanderline

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    Thanks for responding guys

    And that’s another kick up the bum Igor, my list is sadly neglected, I need to reconnect with them now, so that’s a plan for next week

  • Graeme Ashe

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    Hi Kim

    Excellent post and glad to see your getting rid of the unproductive habits, yes ditching the pyjamas and getting dressed before starting your working day is the wise decision, so what if david cameron can do it 🙂

    To answer your question I still need to monitor my time more when working online. I have cut out certain things like buying warrior special offers or the next traffic shortcut. I am trying to focus more on the “what have I done that’s productive today” mindset. I am also trying to be more decisive in my decision making. Choose something and move on, don’t look back. That’s the attitude I strive to achieve.

    Keep it up Kim!


  • Gordon Smith

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    Hey Kim,

    You are in the flow girl, lol isn’t it a great feeling when you feel things are coming together.

    There is no doubt about it being organized and having a plan that you are working to makes a huge difference. You become more focused and more productive repeating this process installs good habits that stay with you and make you more efficient in everything you do.

    I have noticed in my own life that sometimes I get easily distracted and the day is over and I have accomplished nothing. I hate days like this, but when I plan my day I can be super efficient and wonder at the amount I have achieved, I like these days.

    If you take the time to review what you’ve done you soon find out whether your doing ok, or whether you need, as you say, “a kick in the ass” lol

    Good to hear your positive tone. Keep up the good work.


  • kimstanderline

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    I rarely go to the WF at the mo Graeme, mainly because I tend to get sucked into reading the pointless arguments etc, now that is unproductive lol

  • Sky Nealon

    Reply Reply March 27, 2014

    Hi Kim,

    With regards to working smart and being organised with regards to business, these were two traits that were never associated with me because I tend to get lost in reading emails, and watching random videos on youtube, whilst waiting for orders to come in from the post, ebay and fiverr.

    However since joining John’s P2S, things have changed considerably, in fact, productivity levels have increased and by working smartly and getting rid of all the distractions, as well as having a monthly, weekly and day plan which I stick to religiously and constantly try to find ways to improve.. I find I have more spare time, and am less tired.

    Kind regards

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