If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know I love good quality PLR. Its one of the easiest ways to generate content and income.

So lets explore 5 ways to use PLR products to generate revenue.

1. Buy PLR products to resell to consumers. This is the easiest way to generate revenue with PLR products. If you’re just starting out just buy a single PLR product. If you are good at writing sales copy you can buy any PLR product and write your own sales copy. Make sure you have purchased the right to rewrite it though. It’s a common mistake to assume that just because you purchased a PLR product you immediately get those rights.

2. You can purchase PLR products and then edit to mirror your needs and then sell to consumers. To accomplish this purchase PLR products, then edit the the source files to meet your knowledge and experience. Giver the product a new name, convert to a PDF file and create your sales page where you will sell it. This method is a quick and easy way to get an eBook into the marketplace. It allows you to create a fresh take on a topic that’s relevant to your site by using the existing content of the PLR and then recreating newer, fresher content.

3. Take the PLR products you bought and resell to other marketers. If you do change the products you’ll want o create your own sales page where you will offer it to other marketers. Many marketers do this, making money just by reselling someone else’s PLR products. It’s a quick way to get a business online up and running and requires little investment or time.

4. Purchase a number of PLR products and then combine them into a single package and sell to consumers. You’ll have to take time to put together a package that will be popular. You can get a little creative here and offer consumers what will be perceived as a great buy. Mixing similar products has a high sell through rate and can be very popular.

5. Purchase PLR products, edit them, then take the new product, and resell it. You can create a PDF file and sell the resale rights to the new product you created. Again if you are looking for your own product line but don’t want to write from scratch or hire a ghostwriter PLR products offer you great value.

There you have it – 5 simple ways to make money with PLR products, so get cracking…

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