I was thinking earlier today about the many years I’ve spent online and how it all changes so fast.

Back in 2002 when I first started online, software (what bits there were), was clumsy and really difficult to use, it was also incredibly expensive, we used to shell out hundreds of dollars a pop for software to help us with all types of difficult tasks and to be honest I could rarely use it properly because it was always too technical for me.

I can remember paying something stupid like $500 a month for something that was supposed to help me get traffic and I don’t think I ever really got to grips with it. (What a waste of money that probably was), I’m not even going to think about the other stuff I bought!

Fast forward..

Even though there is so much more competition nowadays I love IM at the moment because everything is so much easier to use. Fantastic software that even technophobes like me can use seems to be falling out of the woodwork and because I’m a geek at heart I’m wallowing in it.

The latest one I bought to check up on earlier today was EasySketchPro Oh man I love this, it’s even surpassed VideoFX which was my previous favorite.

So what is it?

If you’ve not heard about whiteboard doodles I’m surprised because they are a tool that can be really useful with a proven track record of upping conversions.

Here’s one I paid $250 dollars for last year if you’re not sure. Embarrassing Problems and that was cheap, the last one I got quoted for was $300…

I’ve been playing with EasySketchPro, and take a look at this, (I did it in 5 minutes)

Obviously its nowhere near perfect or anything but I hardly had to look at the instructions or anything because it’s so easy to use.

I recommend EasySketchPro

It’s another POTD of JVZOO, and I always think thats pretty much good evidence of how decent something is.

My grandkids are coming over tomorrow and instead of Adam who’s 10 being glued to his minecraft vids, I’m going to show him this, I can guarantee I’ll hardly be able to grab him away from the computer

There are some upsells and to be honest I bought them both as I think they will be useful for me and my plans for the software, but if you don’t need them don’t get them for the sake of it.

BTW, as a marketer look how they do their upsells I think it’s pretty slick.

I recommend EasySketchPro

BTW Does anyone else think the guy in the vid on the sales page sounds like Keith Lemon or is that just me 🙂

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    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Kim, I bought this great bit of software a few days ago, when it was first launched and have been having a lot of fun with it too:-) I can’t actually remember the upsells…I think one was the commercial rights, which I don’t think I will need. You said that the way they do their upsets is pretty slick, do you know if there is a way to view that again, without having to purchase the product again? I’m starting to think about upsells for my Easy-Infographics and looking for ideas. BTW, who is Keith Lemon?:-)

      Richard G M Taylor recently posted…Visual MarketingMy Profile

    • kimstanderline

      Hi Richard, it’s ace isn’t it. hardly got any work done cos I’ve been playing with it.

      I don’t think you can go back to look at upsells etc though the main thing is to keep in in context with your main product

      How can you not know who Keith Lemon is?

      He’s very much an acquired taste but I love his through the keyhole show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaEK5H47Buk

    • Torsten Müller

      Hi Kim,

      EasySketchPro is an awesome tool to create some amazing videos fast, even if you don’t have any experience with it. Well, they didn’t make POTD at JVZoo for nothing.

      My daughter turns 8 in July, as as you said about your grandson, when showing her the software I won’t be able to get her away from the computer.

      Isn’t it the best proof that using the software is a mere child’s play?

      BTW, I also don’t know Keith Lemon. 😉
      Torsten Müller recently posted…Start A Blog In 15 Minutes TodayMy Profile

    • kimstanderline

      Oh my

      How can anyone not know who Keith Lemon is. He’s brilliant on Celebrity keyhole (Or whatever it’s called)

    • Jon Crimes

      Hi Kim,

      I’m the other way! I know who Mr Lemon is but I haven’t used this software yet…

      It does look very good though and probably exactly what I will need for when it comes to marketing my first product.

      I’m not going to buy it just yet though, if I start playing with it I’ll lose focus on product creation and it’s not unknown for me to lose focus!

      I’ve saved your article for later.



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