You want to attend a training event but it costs far more than you can afford (or want to pay.) What’s your option?

It’s simple, get in touch with the person running the event and offer to volunteer to help out.

Most events need people to help them set up, answer attendees’ questions, to sell product at the booths, etc and most event organisers love it when they can be freed up from the mundane stuff, its a win win.

This way you get to not only attend the event for free – you also get to meet and network with the people running the event which can be hugely useful to you as you’re meeting people who can be incredibly useful to you in the future with your business.

TIP: Be prepared to tell them what you can bring to the table as a volunteer, for example are you a people person, do you have extensive knowledge about something useful to them. What special skills or experience do you have? How can you make their event even better?

And also be prepared to pay your own expenses, such as airfare and your hotel stay.

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