I was talking to my mentors the other day and showing them this blog and one tip they told me I thought you may be interested in was to change the post data info on your blog for SEO reasons.

If you look at the image here that I’ve uploaded you’ll see the default gives you something like this http://yourblog/?p=123 That tells the search engines absolutely nothing about your blog, instead click the button that says http://yourblog/sample-post/ and the title of that post will come up instead of an ID number.

To do that simply go to settings on the left hand side of your blog – permalinks -then save. (Check the heading of this post to see what I mean).

Hopefully you’ll then get rated much better in the search engines for any keywords you are using.

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    11 replies to "Another WP tip for you…"

    • Graham Lawler

      Great tip Kim so thank you. The image on your blog was too blurred for my old eyes BUt the text explained it so well, it took nanoseconds to do thanks again

    • Nigel Griffiths

      Great tip, most courses that I have bought have advocated that & have been doing for quite a while….I am sure it makes little difference in these early days but further down the line when site become an authority, I think it is huge as individual posts will get ranked.

      • kimstanderline

        I’m still learning all these little tips about WP, it had never even occurred to me duh!

    • Rod Moore

      Great tip Kim. There are lots of tweaks like this in WordPress that can take awhile to learn … so no doubt this will help a lot of people. Look forward to more tips like this

    • Gordon Smith

      Hi Kim, the basic things can make all the difference when it comes to on page seo/ Make sure when you are adding on an image to name your image in an seo friendly way and add a description that is seo friendly. Something I had to get into the habit of doing which is very important for getting found by the search engines, and this is just common sense, is to make sure you add tags to your posts that reflect the content of your posts.

      Like your blog it’s looking cool.


      • kimstanderline

        And that is something I hadn’t done Gordon even though I had thought of it. Naughty of me, I’ll go back and rename em

    • Jon Crimes

      Indeed an excellent tip Kim.
      I’ve known about this for a while but for some reason whenever I create a new site I forget how to do it!

      I know where to come back next time for the information.

      Keep up the good work.

    • David Bay

      It always seems to be the little things and it makes your links more logical to the reader as well!

    • Con Dolmas

      Hi Kim,

      And here I was thinking that all this time I’d been changing this option purely for aesthetic purposes….turns out I was improving my SEO at the same time!

      Thanks for this little golden nugget, much appreciated 🙂


    • Richard G M Taylor

      Great Tip Kim…another good reason to follow your blog:-)

    • Richard G M Taylor

      Actually Kim, I’m pretty sure JT covered this very early on when setting up our blog.

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