I was reading a blog post earlier today about spelling and grammar and it really got me thinking about a pet hate of mine which is spelling and grammatical errors, especially in sales pages.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll admit to making the odd spelling and grammatical error, but on the whole I’m a bit of a spelling/grammar Nazi. It’s probably because I’m a middle aged bird who was taught correctly how to spell and construct sentences etc whilst I was at school. (They just don’t seem to do that any more).

I also do quite a bit of writing etc for kindle and as my writing partner is even more of a spelling/grammar Nazi than I am, I tend to keep pretty much on the straight and narrow. (I have to or she moans).

So one of the things I tend to notice are sales pages with spelling errors on them, on fact I’ve just been reading a fantastic looking page with gorgeous graphics etc and my eye went straight to a spelling error (Used the word exiting instead of exciting which totally jarred)… 

To be fair, unless something is dreadfully grammatically incorrect, (And I think the sentence I just wrote was),  I’m not so bothered about the grammar because I’m as guilty as anyone else of writing as I speak, (It’s so boring to read otherwise). But spelling errors really make me wince especially if they are from someone who is a well known marketer because they should know better. No one is perfect I hasten to add, but I can never understand why folks don’t get their stuff proof read before it goes public. 

So I thought I’d jot down a few ideas on how to make sure your sales page is relatively error free and more pleasing on the eye for old farts like me!

1. Never ever write a sales page, throw it up and let the public loose on it before you’ve had it checked over. I’d suggest you leave it overnight and go back to it with fresh eyes the next day, you’ll be surprised at what you discover. (I did this with one of my products yesterday that I’m about to release

2. Get it proof read if you can. It’s surprising what errors another pair of eyes can show up. I remember in my offline job I used to proofread all of my managers policies and reports etc, (I was a bit of a spell freak there as well).

3. Be careful when using certain words that you don’t get mixed up with them. i.e. Their instead of there, loose instead of lose Too instead of to, Your instead of you’re etc (I’m sure you get the picture)..

4. Try not to be too hypy with your sales pitch, it used to work really well at one point but now folks are used to sales pages and absurd claims and it just turns them off if you go too overboard with your pitch.

5. Never ever pinch someone else’s sales page or even parts of it. It could well have cost them thousands of dollars to have it written, and if it did you can be sure they have enough money to involve their lawyers.

I think that’s about it, let me know if you have any other ideas on improving the look of sales pages etc.

I guess I should go check mine out now…

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    • igor Griffiths

      Well hello Kim, I am pretty relaxed about grammar and spelling but then I have to be because neither are my strong points!

      As a marketer I have switched to US English because a, they are the ones who will mention any errors and b, their forefathers took the time to clean up the language which had the added benefit of removing many of the French influences.

      Anyway I am off to finish my omelet and drink my coffee from my gray aluminum cup 🙂


    • kimstanderline

      Hi Igor, I’m afraid I’ve had to reluctantly switch over to the US version of spelling though I must admit I sometimes end up intertwining the two. I had too many emails etc from our US friends (especially when I was selling PLR articles) about my perceived spelling mistakes lol

      I can live with bad grammar (Up to a point) but I always tend to think spelling errors are sloppy, if you’re being sloppy with your sales page, have you been with your product?

      Thanks for responding

    • CharlieMot

      her response
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