Most of us are familiar with writing articles and submitting them to article directories to get traffic. To be honest it’s a model I’ve never been keen on because sadly, this doesn’t usually result in anything more than a trickle of visitors.

But what if you took those same articles and instead of submitting them to article directories, you used them in a slightly different fashion to get real traffic? It would take you the same effort to write the articles, but now you’re seeing significant numbers of visitors – and it’s almost as easy as submitting to article directories.

The first method is to find offline newsletters in your niche. These newsletters are constantly searching for new content, and by being a guest author you are immediately perceived by the readers as being an expert. Simply offer to write content for these offline newsletters and include your website information in your author’s box.

The second method is to do this online: Find blogs that rank well in Google and/or have a high Alexa rating, but aren’t being continually updated with new content. Depending on your niche, you may find hundreds that meet these 2 qualifications. Now ask if you can write guest posts for them, placing their affiliate link for your product in your resource box. Not only do you get great traffic, new list members and new sales, but the blog owner gets commissions on those sales.

Talk about a win win situation – if you can write a great article, then few blog owners are going to say no to this request and why would they..

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