Have you got a book on Amazon? Then here’s an excellent idea:

Ask your readers to review the book by placing your request within the book itself. You might write something like Paul Gallimore wrote in his novel, The Mary Celeste Papers:

I hope you enjoyed the book and I thank you for buying it. If you did like the book I would really appreciate it if you could go back to Amazon and leave a review.

As an author, I am eager to hear what you make of my work, for better or for worse. So, in addition to my hoped for Amazon review please feel free to drop by my blog at www.PaulGallimore.net, etc.

Of course you’ll want to use your own words to ask for reviews. Even if this garners you only a handful of positive reviews, it could be well worth it.

Good reviews are like gold dust, the more you have, the more likely folks will want to buy and read your books..

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