“To tackle today’s big and ever changing social challenges, we have to take risks, be bold, and fail forward. We have to be fearless.” So says The Case Foundation’s report.

Written by leading philanthropy consultants Cynthia Gibson and Brad Rourke a couple of years ago, it’s based on interviews with  a couple of leading change makers and an exhaustive landscape analysis of some of the most impactful promising social movements in modern history..

The report outlines what they see as the five key elements to a fearless approach to creating change, with the goal of sparking discussion, challenging assumptions and inspiring action from those willing to make changes in their lives..

Their five rules for being fearless are:

Make Big Bets and Make History – Set audacious cheeky, not incremental goals
Experiment Early and Often – Don’t be afraid to be the first one out of the gate (so to speak)..
Make Failure Matter – I’ve said it before, failing is important. Failure teaches us so learn from it
Reach Beyond Your Bubble – It’s comfortable to go it alone, but innovation happens at intersections in your life.
Let Urgency Conquer Your Fear – Don’t over think and over analyze stuff, just do it..

I found it really interesting…

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