Are you fretting over how to find the perfect graphic artist to design your next beautifully gorgeous website? Then don’t…

Sure, it’s great to have an eye catching design, but test show it usually does little to increase conversions. In fact, on simple sales pages some tests have shown a header graphic can actually make sales decline.

What’s important for SEO: Search engines are design-blind. This means Google isn’t going to reward you for beautiful graphics; the search engines live and breathe words and numbers ONLY, and that’s where a lot of folks make their mistake…

Here are the facts: If you use a blog to disseminate your content, then your website is over 400 percent MORE likely to get indexed by the search engines. Plus, on average it’s 97 percent more likely to attract links (which lead of course to higher search engine rankings.)

And here’s the real kicker: If your website has a blog it will generate on average 55 percent MORE visitors than websites that don’t maintain a blog.

Need I say more?

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