What would you say if you could make $5000+ a week selling PLR products?

While that’s just a random number I took from the top of my head, the truth is when you use proven PLR techniques you’ll enjoy making great money. More good news – just about anybody can be great at selling PLR products just by learning from the experts and then replicating what they do

Over my rather long online career I’ve discovered that one of the quickest ways you can create an online income is selling PLR products. There’s lots of PLR products available out there and much of it can be downloaded at no cost to you.

So how do you go about finding something that is excellent quality and adds value to your traffic, subscribers, and/or customers.

The very first thing you should do is research your niche market.

Have a look at things you’re interested in but don’t close your mind to ideas you haven’t yet considered or you don’t fancy. Keep this in mind – If what you provide helps solve a person’s problem it will sell, so who care’s whether it’s a particular passion or interest to yourself. One of the greatest pieces of crappy advice I’ve heard over the years online is create something your passionate about…

Nope, create something other people are passionate about and will make you money. If it’s something you’re interested in as well, that’s just a bonus…

Once you think of an idea, you can use Google’s free keyword tool to see what searches have been popular. Then if you can find a quality product to fit that niche market and you can offer it at a price targeted traffic is willing to pay, you’ll end up with a high conversion rate. When you have a high conversion rate you make money. Simples….

What’s so great about PLR products is there are so many opportunities available to create exactly what you need because you can probably just about always find PLR products for the niche you’re wanting to fill. You can take PLR articles and turn them into an e-book or take an e-book and turn it into articles. You can use any material to create newsletters or to put posts to your blog. Then you sign your name to it as the author and you’re in business.

One word of advice I’d really suggest you adhere to when buying PLR. Rewrite it, I have my own writing style and I like to rewrite any PLR I decide to use. It doesn’t take me long and it’s worth doing.

Look for PLR products that give you full no restriction rights so you can do what you want with it, anything with restrictions is no good to you.


Now you know how to create your own quality private label rights products you are ready to start earning lots of cash…

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