You’re probably familiar with the concept of online curation. Basically it’s about taking the work of others and assembling it onto a website. The Huffington Post is the most famous example of this.

But what about if we curateted our own experiences and thoughts. Joel Zaslofsky has written a book on that very topic

I’d like to share with you if I may a few thoughts and ideas I’ve curated over the past month or so on success, in no particular order.

“I knew it wouldn’t work!”

I was on a well known marketing forum a while ago reading a post that basically said, “Email marketing is dead.” This poster had apparently sent emails to a list of 500+ opportunity seekers and received 5 clicks. “It’s all fantasy and guru lies,” he wrote.

Of course forum members asked for details, since his numbers didn’t seem right. What was he mailing them? How often? How old was the list? What was the quality of his free incentive? etc. etc. All good questions. His answer with (and I’m paraphrasing here) “The list is 5 months old and I didn’t start mailing until I had at least 400-500 list members.” Aha (can you see where the problem is here for a start?)… self-sabotage? If you believe it won’t work (and “it” can be anything) and then you try to make it work, 9 times out of 10 you will do a marvelous job of proving yourself correct. “See? I TOLD you it wouldn’t work! and I was right!”

But that’s not the truly interesting part – what he wrote next is: “I knew it wouldn’t work, I just created that list to confirm what I already know.”

Ahh-ha again! Seems this poster decided it wouldn’t work and then tried it to prove his point, talk about self sabotage.

Nuff said…

As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you are right.”

My question to you is, do you believe you can achieve that next big goal on your list? Do you REALLY, TRULY believe it? If not then you just might want to get to work on your beliefs. Because if you keep believing what you’ve been believing, you’ll keep achieving what you’ve been achieving, no more than that. (I think that makes sense)…

“Is This Too Obvious?”

I read a quote the other day: “If you want to get what you want, you first have to DECIDE what you want.” In other words, get clear in your head exactly what it is you want. See it, hear it, taste it, touch it, live it, experience it, etc. Get it super clear in your head. Only then can you begin to make it yours.

“Act as if”

I think is one of the biggest secrets to success is  acting like you’re already successful, or in other words fake it till you make it.

When Jack Canfield decided he wanted to be an international consultant, he applied for a passport, bought a clock that told the time all over the world and bought business cards announcing his new, self-given title. Then he decided he wanted to go to Australia, so he bought a picture of the Sidney Opera House and hung it up.

Within a month he had an invitation to speak in Sidney.

Coincidence, what do you think?

CBS News stated once that if you want the job, you should act like you’re already on the payroll. When George Clooney stopped thinking, “I hope they like me” at auditions and instead walked into the room thinking he was the answer to their problem, his career took off.

Wealth seminar participants are asked to act as if they’re already successful millionaires at a cocktail party. After just 15 minutes, participants report feeling more self-confident, more out-going, more generous, happier and more enthusiastic.

Whatever it is you want or want to become, act as if you’ve already got it. This is the closest thing to magic I know of.

“It’s not just about the money.”

So get clear about what you want – $10,000 a month income, a new house and a new car. Or something along those lines. But guess what? Those material things are really cool, and it’s great that you’re working towards achieving them. But what you might not yet realize is in the process of getting your goals, you’re going to achieve something much greater than all those material things combined.

The greatest benefit you get from pursuing your dreams isn’t the money and other stuff, it’s the mastery over your own life. It’s who you become in the process of achieving your goals that’s more important.

Because once you become the person who can set and achieve super goals, you’ve got it made. Your business can fail, you can lose everything, you can go bankrupt and it won’t matter, because you’ll have what it takes to build it all again, bigger and better. And no one, absolutely NO ONE, can take that away from you.

“Rejection is a myth”

I love this one. What do you think it is that stops you from asking for a joint venture, or a partnership, or an interview, or assistance, or advice, or funding, or anything to help your business grow?

It’s fear. Fear they’re going to say no. Fear you’re going to get rejected. Look at the typical new sales person – they’re scared to death to ask for the sale because, “What If The Customer Says NO???”

To which I say, so what if they do say no? What have you lost? You met with them or called them to get the sale. Before this, you didn’t have the sale. They weren’t your customer. Now they’ve said no, what’s changed? You still don’t have the sale and they’re still not your customer. You’ve lived all your life without making that particular sale, and you’ll continue living without that sale. Nothing is different, except for one thing: You’ve just gained a little bit more experience at ASKING.

So when you want that JV are you going to be afraid to ask? I hope you aren’t. Because the very worst thing that can happen is, nothing happens. They say no and you’ve lost nothing. You’re exactly where you were before you asked. Except now you have a little more experience in asking, which is a huge positive.

Bottom line, you CAN’T lose by asking. Rejection is a myth, a vapor, a fantasy. It’s less than nothing, so don’t worry about it.


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