Ahh, the hoary old question about sales pages and sales tools for your affiliates…

We affiliates are a lazy bunch of beggars, because we like every single thing done for us when it comes to selling for other people. We like a sales page, ready written emails, graphics and even lunch cooked for us if we can wangle it..

Seriously, you already know the importance of selling your customers on your product, so I find it absolutely amazing that folks don’t do the same for potential affiliates.

Newsflash…It’s not a privilege for folks to sell your stuff, in fact it’s the other way round..

So why are you not selling your affiliates on why they should promote your product for you?

The truth is, if you placed as much effort on your JV/affiliate page as you do your sales page, you’d find it far easier to recruit affiliates who actually do the real promoting for you. I’m a typical case, I hate it when I’m asked to affiliate for someone’s product and they haven’t done all the work for me. My time is precious, I don’t have enough hours in the day as it is. If I hop on to a JV/affiliate page where everything is done for me (especially emails I can rewrite and the timings to send them out), then I’m far more likely to look on it favorably.

I’ve drawn up a list of things you should include on your affiliate page (It’s not an exhaustive list).. 

  • An attention grabbing headline
  • A short video highlighting the details of your product and campaign
  • The benefits to the affiliate for promoting
  • The benefits the affiliate’s customers receive for buying the product
  • A call to join your JV list
  • Testimonials from current/previous affiliates
  • A timetable if you are doing a launch
  • All the emails needed (You should personalize these)
  • Any graphics you think your affiliates will need
  • A competition (Affiliate’s, no matter how successful they are love a competition)
  • A leader-board, (Affiliates love to see their name on a leader-board)..

A very cool idea I’ve seen from some vendors is offering affiliates bonuses for their lists. I think that’s a great idea and I’ve certainly taken advantage of it when I’ve promoted stuff. Caution though, if it doesn’t complement your product then don’t bother..

And did I mention further benefits to the affiliate for promoting? This includes things like extra commission rate, rate of conversion, if their leads are hard coded, if you have swipe files and freebies they can give to their list, contest info, etc.

Tip: Place just enough info on your affiliate sales page to tease them and get them to enter their email address to be on your JV list.

This is the main goal of your affiliate sales page when you’re prospecting to new affiliates. Once they’ve entered their info, then you give them the swipe files, additional details needed to make you some sales..

Good luck with it…

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    • Torsten Mueller

      Hi Kim,

      I agree with you that affiliates are a lazy crowd, and I have to confess that I am often lazy too. But what is good for the vendor is not necessarily good for the affiliate.

      So, if there’s one advice I can give to affiliates, it is not to use all the promotional stuff from a JV page.

      I do it as well, too often, but I can see a huge difference in a promotion using the swipes everyone uses versus writing my own swipes. Although I’m definitely not a copy writer, my own swipes usually convert better.

      Nevertheless it’s great to have a vast amount of affiliate tools to choose from, as it often helps to come up with an own angle. Especially swipe files can work perfectly as a base to write your own.

      However, I don’t agree with your tip of making affiliate subscribe to a JV list in order to get access the affiliate tools.

      Whenever I look through new launches and come across a incomplete JV page or a JV page that gives affiliate tools just after an opt, I usually cross it off the list. And I know many top affiliates who do the same.

      A better idea might be to have all the usual tools like swipe files, banners and so on right on the JV page, but offer additional material such as bonuses or re-brandable reports for those who subscribe to the JV list.

      Or, why not give those who subscribe a bump in commission?

      Have an amazing day,
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    • kimstanderline

      Hi Torsten
      I agree entirely with you about not using swipes per se. That’s why I always, rewrite them. I do find them incredibly useful though.

      Thanks for responding

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