So you’ve got a great eBook on dating for women, so you discuss how they’ll get dates with amazing guys, right?

Ok, that’ll probably work. But what would work even better is if you tell them their own story, the story of how ever since they were little girls they’ve been waiting for the love of their life to appear, their prince charming to show up, and how your product will finally make that little girl’s dream come true.

You’ve got a great ebook on making money online, so you talk about the easy money that’s coming their way the fast cars, the mansion they’ll buy. Sure, that just might make some sales for you. But do you know what will work even better?

Telling them the story of how they’ve struggled, how they’ve always felt a little bit like a failure because they couldn’t afford the 2 weeks at baseball camp their son wanted, or the music lessons their daughter wants.

Remind them of the story of how their in-laws always looked down on them because they’re weren’t a good provider. Tell them the story of fearing they couldn’t make the next house payment, or of being afraid to pick up the phone for fear it’s a debt collector, or of lying awake at night wondering if their daughter’s friends would all go off to college while their daughter worked as a waitress all her life.

Offering benefits sells. Telling stories sells even better.

People love stories…

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