Did you know we average 9.3 hours per day of sitting, versus 7.7 hours of sleeping.

We’re constantly in front of our computers, (and I suspect Internet marketers sit there even more than the average person).

Fellow marketers, this is not good, and here’s why: (I speak as an ex back care advisor here by the way)…

After one hour of sitting, your enzyme production declines by as much as 90%. And what do those enzymes do? Burn fat!!

So by sitting, you’re ensuring you hold on to every bit of fat you already have. Extended sitting also slows down your metabolism, it lowers good cholesterol, increases the likelihood of having heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and breast or colon cancer. It’s depressing isn’t it 🙁

In today’s society the death rate from obesity is 10 times that of tobacco and unfortunately it’s rising. In a relatively recent study it was found for each additional hour of television a person sits and watches each day, their risk of dying rises by 11%. (I don’t know about you, but I find those kind of stats really scary, especially as I also do a lot of sitting at computers etc)..

Bottom line? Sitting is LETHAL. Do your own research and you’ll soon see how scary those stats are..

So what’s the solution?
Obviously it’s to get more exercise. But for many people exercise is either boring, or it takes too much time away from other activities.

Which is why I’d like to suggest the following idea:

Multi-task exercising, at least in the beginning. Catch up on your reading while walking on the treadmill or using the exercise bike. Have walking meetings instead of sit-down meetings. Formulate your new marketing ideas while hiking. Watch television while you do yoga.

Distracted exercise is far better than no exercise at all. If you do these things just 4 times a week you can make a dramatic difference in your health, in how you feel, in how you think and in how long you live.

And who knows, the more you exercise, the more you might find out you really enjoy it. And then maybe you’ll do it more by running, swimming, climbing mountains, skiing etc.

All of which will make you a better thinker and communicator, two things essential in Internet marketing.

But to begin with, just get off your bum and DO something even if it’s just a walk around the block..

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    • Daniel Hanscom

      Excellent reminders with some pretty simple fixes, Kim. Besides, what’s the point of making a successful business if you don’t have the health to enjoy the benefits of it… It’s all about finding that balance.

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