Private label rights include reports, articles, e-books, scripts, or software another person has written and then offers resell options to the person(s) who purchase them.

With private label rights you can use the product as it is or you can make as many changes as you like then claim ownership. You can resell the products, or you can give them away.

Purchasing PLR products can be very profitable. But it’s important to remember there could be thousands of others using the same material, so it’s really important you make changes to the content.

These are some terms you should be familiar with if you are going to using private label rights material.

* You can add / edit or remove content (yes/no)
* Can be packaged with products for sale (yes/no)
* Can be offered as a bonus for products sold (yes/no)
* Includes graphics (yes/no)
* Can be added to paid membership sites (yes/no)
* Can be given away (yes/no)
* Can sell Private Label Rights (yes/no)

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Make sure you know exactly what you can do with the material you’ve bought. It can be messy and painful if you use it without proper permission.

Making Money on Private Label Rights Products

You can start your very own internet marketing business using PLR products. When it comes to eBooks, reports, or articles you can divide the material to create your very own e-course(s).

You can create an eBook by combining a number of articles, or you can take an eBook and turn it into a number of articles. I’ve done most of these in the past with great results.

Graphic files can be a little more intimidating.

A word of warnig about PLR graphics, make sure they are sourced form a very reputable buyer. I’m very wary about buying PLR graphics, often only buying if the seller has created them themselves. Its very easy for unscrupulous graphics sellers to slip in ‘illegal’ graphics to a bundle and you only become aware when you’re slapped with a cease and desist from the original owner after they are spotted on your website. It’s cost many umfortunate people a great deal of money. Do your due diligence.

PLR Source Code
If you’re working with source code you’ll obviously need the necessary knowledge to be able to make modifications or know someone who has that ability, but that’s the beauty of the internet, you can always hire an experienced third party to undertake coding projects for you. Get someone decent, and you’ll discover you get your money back many times over when it comes to selling your product. Again do your due diligence when buying PLR source code and make sure it’s legitimate.

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