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If you’re fairly good at writing and you need to make some quick cash, you might try this method, (It’s certainly worked for me in the past)…

First, choose a niche that’s pretty hot. It can be Internet Marketing, Weight Loss, Health, Self-Help, Finance, Etc, these are all usually pretty good topics.

Check out FB and any of the other Social media giants to check out what’s trending if you want to do something really topical and different. You’re looking for something that has a lot of demand as well as a lot of marketers working to satisfy that demand.

Because what you’re going to do is write some PLR articles.

Just in case there is anyone out there who doesn’t know what PLR is, it’s Private Label Rights material that can be used by the people who purchase it to make their own products or to use as they choose within the rights you assign to them at the time of purchase…

The next step is of course to create your content, and here’s the really important part: Do NOT create junk. Write quality pieces you’re proud to offer others and that they in turn will be happy to sell to their customers or use on their websites as their own.

You could write a series of articles on the topic you choose – 10 to 20 is really good. Better yet, create a report and package it with a dozen further articles. I normally find 500 words per article works well and a 10-15 page report.

Next, write a sales page to sell your content. Be sure to incorporate an actual sample of your writing into the sales letter, so your prospects can see for themselves that your writing is of high quality and interesting to read.

Now get your PLR sales letter in front of as many eyeballs as possible. If you have a mailing list, start with them since these are people who already know and trust you. Consider running a ‘dime’ sale, in which the price goes up a specified amount each time a purchase is made. (You can get a really good dimesale script here).

It doesn’t have to be 10 cents, it could be any amount you choose to start with. Start with a low price to get some quick sales and testimonials from your buyers.

Dime sales are excellent because having the price continually rise forces people to make a decision right then and there to buy your PLR, thus increasing your sales. And since you’re starting at a low price ($5 to $10 is good) your offer becomes a no brainer.

Consider running a Warrior Special Offer, again allowing the price to increase with each sale. If you’re not yet a member of the Warrior Forum, you’ll need to join and make some posts to be eligible to run your own WSO. It costs $20 at the time of writing to  do a WSO, but if you’ve got a good product and letter you should recoup this money in the first hour of your offer very easily.

Third, find yourself some affiliates or joint venture partners. You can do this through the Warrior Forum itself, or through Google. Search for marketers who are selling other people’s PLR and send them yours free of charge. BTW Never ever ask potential partners to pay for stuff you want them to promote for you, just send it)..

Ask them to look at your offer and hopefully promote it for you. Offer them at least 50-60% commission, (More if possible) and if you’re able to, add a backend offer to increase both their commissions and yours.

The backend doesn’t have to be your own original product – it could be something related to your offer for which you own the resell rights or even a product you’re affiliated for.

You could even consider offering the Master resell rights to the articles for a few dollars more as an upsell. I’ve done this with great success in the past because to be honest I’m of the opinion many PLR articles end up on Master resell right sites anyway and as there is no way you can possibly monitor them all you might as well make a few extra bucks from them and let them go.

Yup all this could be done within a weekend if you sat and really worked at it. Do well and you may even surpass that $500 you were aiming for

Till next time.

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