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After posting my JV post further below it got me thinking about how folks go about inviting others to promote their product especially if the person they are approaching is a well known ‘guru’

Back in the day I used to get a lot of requests to promote other marketer’s stuff, (I still get requests on occasions which is rather nice I suppose), but I was always a bit leery of promoting the products of folks I didn’t know and often it was because of the way they approached me.

So I thought I’d jot down a few do’s and don’t’s of how YOU should approach other marketer’s for a JV or becoming an affiliate for your product. and how I do it..

One thing you have to remember is big marketer’s get hundreds if not more of requests every week from people wanting them to promote their product so you have to make yours really stand out for them to notice it.


  • Ensure you have the correct contact details. (Most potential partners can now be reached through their help desks). You’d be surprised at how many potential partners don’t even get the JV request because old emails have been used.
  • Write a polite email explaining what your product is about etc. be concise yet make sure you’ve given them every detail about it.
  • Ensure your email is easy to read and understand, if English isn’t your first language, consider having it proofread by someone who does speak good English. You could probably get a gig on fivver to do this. (And don’t forget it could act as the template for future potential JV emails).
  • Explain to the person you are approaching in great detail what your product is about, (don’t expect them to guess because they won’t bother most of the time). 
  • Make it as easy as possible for your potential JV’affiliate partner to access your product, if it’s a membership site for instance then make them a member and send them their login details with your request, it may just pique their interest enough to explore your product. If it’s a download, test it before you send them the link. 
  • If they don’t respond, (give them a week to do so), then send another email, if you don’t hear anything after that then they are obviously not interested so move on…


  • Don’t ever ever ever expect a potential JV/affiliate partner (whom you have approached) to pay for your product, it’s just not how things work in the IM world. I’ll let you into a little secret, those big guru’s etc never or hardly ever pay for their software etc. You’d be surprised at how many folks have approached me for a JV and offered to let me have their product at a nominal price. err I don’t think so..
  • Don’t ever be rude or demanding or constantly harass them, they are busy people with quite often demanding schedules. Give them a chance to respond, (It may be several days before they do).

Here’s a sample of an email I sent out recently for our up and coming relaunch for EMP I was a bit crafty using Simon and Richards names, I did it because they are very well known marketer’s in the UK 🙂

Notice I’ve offered to give potential partners a free license, (worth $97). It’s no skin off my nose doing this, it’s only a digital product after all..

I’ve not said too much about the software in this instance because as you click on the link it’s self explanatory, I’ve also not set them up with a licence in this case because many of those I’ll be approaching already have one!!

Hi Name 

Hope you are well.

I’ve been tasked by Simon Warner and Richard Fairburn to see if you would be interested in a JV offer we are collaborating on commencing 15th April for (my membership software)

You can see the JV details here

I know the chaps (and myself of course) would love to see you onboard with us, I know they are setting an excellent funnel in place and are confident we’ll all do well out of it.

If you would like to see the script in action/put it through its paces etc I’d be happy to set you up with a license (just let me know)

I really look forward to working with you

Kind regards

I kept it concise and readable (And I’ve had several responses so far from interested parties 🙂

If anyone has any other JV templates they would like to share, I’d love to see them.. 

    4 replies to "How Do YOU approach someone to promote (JV) your product!"

    • Shirley

      Hey that’s a really really useful blog Kim. Thank you for posting it – an excellent template which I am going to file so I can actually find it again – and hopefully it is just a matter of time before I use it myself. Again many thanks.

    • Richard G M Taylor

      Useful post Kim, I guess the main issue is that the product you are asking them to promote is worthy of and maybe even enhance their credibility, especially within their own list. To be sure of that, they would have to try out your product.

      Of course we within P2S will not have to worry about that for a while because one of the unique features of this program is that JT and his super affiliates will be promoting our first 3 products for us. That was the clincher for me when deciding to join this program.


    • Romi

      Hi Kim,

      Very helpful post here, especially for people who are new to joint venturing with their products. I know it can be really daunting to approach known marketers for a possible JV, and these tips can surely address some of the jitters and further understand some of the things one have to consider before doing so.

      Will surely come back here for some more things that can help me further my business.


    • kimstanderline

      Pleased you thought it was OK folks, approaching people for a JV etc can be a real tricky business and if you don’t do it right then that’s it 🙁

      And Richard, John promoting our products was a clincher for me as well


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