You’ve done your research and you know an info product covering xyz would likely be a hot seller. The problem is, you know NOTHING about this topic, so how can you very quickly and easily create a great product in this niche when you’re totally clueless about it?

Simple: Go find some experts and interview them using Skype recorder. But not just any experts.

Here’s what to do:

Go to Amazon and search for your niche in the book section. Once you’ve got the results, look at the left side of the page near the top where it says, “New Releases.” You can choose from the last 30 days, the last 90 days or releasing in the next 30 days.

What do all of the authors in these 3 categories have in common? They either just released a book or they’re about to, and they are anxious to get as much free publicity for their new book as they can..

Contact your top choices and offer to do a 30 minute interview with them. The 30 minutes will be all content, but then they can speak for another 10 minutes all about their book and how listeners can buy it.

TIP: Do several of these interviews and package them into one product. Get transcripts of each and either add it to the product or offer it as an inexpensive upsell.

Added benefit for you: You now know more experts in your niche. If they’ve got blogs, offer to guest post on their blog, as well as offering them the opportunity to guest post on your blog. Keep up the relationship and you’re likely to find many other benefits, including joint ventures and introductions to other experts in your niche.

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