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I think we’ve all been at the point where we’ve dilly dallied muchly when trying to create a product, (I know I have). There’s so much to do and where do you start?

I’ve come to realise that if you want to actually achieve anything then you need to give yourself a hard deadline and stick to it.

Deadlines are important because they make us work even when we don’t want to. There’s been many a time I wanted to shut down the the computer and do something else instead, but knowing I have a deadline to meet has kept me going..

Work expands to fill the time allotted to you and even more time beyond that if you don’t have a hard deadline. Thus, if you make it a goal to finish your new eBook/software etc in 3 months, then at the 3 month mark you’ll either just be finishing, or worse yet you’ll realize you’re only halfway done. If, however, you had set yourself a hard launch date, then you’ll have the book ready.

Deadlines are a fantastic invention because they give you permission to ignore your email, ignore Facebook, turn the phone off, tear yourself away from the video games and television and actually get your work done and be ultra productive. I love deadlines..

So how can you create a product in a short amount of time?

By doing two things: First, set a deadline that is almost impossibly close, such as 10 days from right now. Second, hold yourself accountable on a massive scale. That is, call up your best marketing buddy and schedule a live webinar with him or her to sell your new product and promote the webinar heavily. Guess what? For the next 10 days you’re going to move heaven and earth to get your product finished for that webinar, otherwise you’re going to look pretty stupid.

Then you can party because…

You’re going to be celebrating the sales you made on that webinar.

Secondly, you’re going to be looking forward to all the sales you’re going to make in the future with your new product. In fact, you’re going to take the momentum that webinar created and use it to contact other marketers and set up more live webinars for their own lists.

Third, you are going to feel fantastic. That new product that you thought would take 3 months of your life only took 10 days!

Fourth, you’ve now got a system for not only getting products done fast, but also getting your first sales the moment the product is completed for an immediate payoff.

How great is that…

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