You’re trying to write another blog post and you’re absolutely fed up of trying to think of something profoundly amazing to say. (It gets a tad wearisome being brilliant all of the time).

In fact you’ve decided if you have to come up with one more brilliant idea, your head will implode and you’ll be reduced to a blubbering bowl of gelatinous jelly, so what can you do to stop your brain from exploding?

Tis easy, try taking a tip from the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and get others to do the writing for you.

In this case, Mike Michalowicz put out the request for answers to the question, “What Trait Do You Need to Be Successful?”

He then compiled the answers into one long blogpost and hey presto, He had his new blog post, along with the goodwill and gratitude of 51 submitters who got their photo and link on his popular website.

It’s easy peasy when you know how…

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