Odds are you’ve been a hair’s breath away from a $10,000 product idea sometime in the last 24 hours, the problem arises when you just didn’t recognize it.

That’s because great product ideas are all around you, but if you don’t keep your eyes and ears open for them they’ll pass you right by and get found by somebody else.

There have been several occasions when I had a good idea but didn’t realise it was such a good idea until someone else had the same one and made a great deal of money from it. 🙁 (I hate missing out)..

Good ideas for making money online can come from anywhere. I read once about a chap who was reading about a famous athlete who mentioned he swore that by using a particular training technique he’d improved his game and lost some weight.

Most people would breeze past that statement, but it gave this chap an idea. He did some research into the techniques mentioned, realised the principles around them were sound and decided to do something about it. He ended up writing up a report about it, crafted a sales letter and started promoting it. Several thousand sales later, he had a success on his hands..

Better still he back ended his report with lots of related upsells which made it even more successful…

Lets look at another example of finding a cool idea.

You’re browsing round a forum and you see a question you haven’t encountered before. You do a little research and realize this is a problem a lot of people are having, so you do further research and find a solution. Bingo! Another product in the can..

One bloke read comments from expensive sports car owners moaning their car emblems get stolen and they cost several hundred dollars to replace. He asked if they’d be open to a less expensive alternative and the forum members asked how to order.

That was a pretty clear sign, so he did some research, found the exact same car emblems for far less money and had himself a new business. In this case he didn’t even need to create the product, he only needed to find it and make it available to his customers.

Let’s say you’re having coffee at the local coffee house, or a beer at the local pub. You start chatting with the guy next to you, and you discover he’s an expert in something or other. So you begin to quiz him on his best knowledge and you find this guy is a treasure trove. You do some quick research online and find this is a lucrative niche, so you partner with this person and create a product.

And it doesn’t have to be someone you meet by chance– it could be a book author, a blogger, someone in your local paper, etc. Contact them and see if they’re open to working with you to earn additional income for both of you.

Now you’re really into finding great ideas for new products, so you decide to get a little crazy. You place an ad in Craigslist looking for experts and offering to make them authors. Think you’ll get responses? Likely so, and even if you don’t find someone who fits, it didn’t cost you anything did it?.

You go to your mailbox and you find one of those packets of various local advertisers. You open it up and find the following advertisers, who give you more product ideas:

Liquor store – book on how to make your own liquor

Satellite television – this is a good CPA niche, but you could also make a product on how to watch all your favorite TV without buying cable or satellite

Cafe – an info product on how to do marketing for cafes and small restaurants

Auto mechanic shop – either products on how auto shops can do marketing, or on how consumers can get cars for cheap and also save money on maintenance.

Home security system – how to keep your family safe from harm

Landscape maintenance – how to landscape for minimal upkeep by using native plants, installing automated irrigation, etc.

Carpet cleaners – Joe Polish is a marketer who caters to this niche, teaching carpet cleaners how to clean up financially. And he makes a ton of money teaching in this niche. Makes you think, doesn’t it? There are a ton of professions out there that desperately need marketing help.

Address labels – First class mail is at an all time low due to high costs etc, so who needs address labels? I’ll tell you who: The sellers of address labels don’t make anything selling the labels. They make their money by enclosing offers from all kinds of different businesses when they send out those labels. Sort of like doing multiple solo mailings at one time. Which is a great idea for a local service you can offer to businesses.

Dentist – info products that teach dental practices how to market, as well as products that teach how to get expensive dental services such as implants for a fraction of the cost.

Window cleaner – maybe a product on how to get new windows for cheap, or how to install them yourself? How about teaching people who want to open their own window cleaning business?

Chiropractic – once again, how chiropractors can market as well as additional products and services they can sell to increase their profits

You get the idea – there are product ideas EVERY where, you just need to keep your eyes and ears open…

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