Social Media Marketing - Thumb up!Did you know half of Facebook’s more than half a BILLION active users are on Facebook in any 24 hour period. That’s 250 million people plus every day. In addition, the average U.S. Facebook user spends nearly 6 hours a month browsing this popular social network.

In other words, if your business isn’t on Facebook yet then maybe it should be. One of the first questions I invariably receive from newcomers concerning Facebook is, “What should I post to get people interested in my business?”

Here are some ideas for you to think about..

1. Showcase your customers. If you’ve got photos, videos or emails from happy customers using your products, go ahead and show them off. Just remember, you’re not bragging about your product, you’re showing what your customers are doing with your product. Keep the difference in mind when choosing and framing content and you can’t go wrong. For instance, instead of showing a testimonial from Jimmy telling how great your product is, show Jimmy using or enjoying your product, or show the direct results Jimmy achieved. For example, if you teach your customers how to restore classic cars, show Jimmy with before and after shots of his car.

2. Use humor. Don’t make yourself or your business overly serious on Facebook. Instead, use light-hearted humor whenever possible. This isn’t necessarily telling jokes – most times it’s simply taking a poke at yourself or your day, showing something in a humorous light, being witty or simply sharing that silly thing that happened to you a few minutes ago. Post funny videos, especially if they’re relevant to your business. And don’t just grab videos from Youtube – make your own quick videos when you feel inspired.

3. Give them content. Facebook isn’t necessarily the place to offer long winded diatribes about anything. But it is a great place to share cool content – especially the “How-to” variety and the entertainment variety. And it doesn’t all need to originate with you – use curated content to round out your own and keep people engaged.

4. Let them inside. That is, show off your staff (if you have them) or your family or the inner workings of your business. Engage them by pulling back the curtain and showing what they normally wouldn’t get to see. For example, if you’re a one person business working out of your home, show them your office, your view, and your little dog who keeps you company. If your business has oodles of employees, post pictures of your in-office celebrations such as birthdays, as well as the antics that go on and so forth. By giving them a peak behind the curtain, your friends and fans feel very much included and part of the group. You’re no longer just a business, you’re part of their circle.

5. Ask questions. Nothing engages other people like asking them their opinion on something, even if it’s as silly as, “What’s better: Baseball or Football, and how come?” Posts with questions get the conversation rolling, especially when it’s an easy question to answer. And be sure to respond to the answers you receive.

It’s not rocket science, so try it out…

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