…without selling a single copy!

You know the traditional information marketing model: Find a hot niche, write a hot eBook based on a hot topic then sell it to a hungry audience.

But what if you could get paid $3,000 or more without selling a single copy? And better still, what if you could get paid half of that in advance?

There are lots of professional people out there who couldn’t care less about selling a $29 eBook, but they would LOVE the the idea of having a lead generator that brings them $1,000 customers.

Don’t just think online entrepreneurs, because these include doctors, dentists, chiropractors, contractors, financial advisers, real estate brokers and investors, agents, lawyers, etc.

Think about a contractor who was able to supply a free eBook on How to Build Your Dream Home on his website. The people who download and read his book are then hot prospects to hire him to build their home as well as get on to his list if he fancies selling anything else.

Or if a divorce lawyer had an eBook on everything you need to know about divorce, could that land him new clients? Of course it could..

But most of these professionals don’t have the time, patience or even skills to write and distribute their own eBook, which is where you come in. And even if you outsource the writing, you would still be quids in.

So how do you find these prospects who will hire you to write their books?

You might write your own eBook that tells them how to write their own and why they should do it. At the end, let them know if they don’t want to do the work, you’ll gladly do it for them. You’re then providing them with a great service giving them this book and you are also getting hot prospects, some of which will hire you.

How long should the books be that you write? It depends, but in most cases they’ll probably less than 100 pages. (No one likes reading long eBooks). And if you’re not a writer yourself, by all means outsource the writing to a professional. Even if you pay someone $1,500 to write a very professional book, you’ll still bank $1,500 on a $3,000 fee for making it happen.

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