If like me you’ve often wondered how you set up an Avatar piccie when you post to someone elses blog, then wonder no more because I’ve finally discovered the answer.

It always used to really bug me when I commented on someone else’s blog and they had avatars of other commentators showing photos and piccies etc. Call me sad, (folks often do), but it made me grit my teeth when the space for my avatar came up blank. So in the interests of discovering how to do it, I actually asked a friend of mine who is very knowledgeable in all things WP.

Apparently it’s done through a site called www.en.gravatar.com where you have to make an account.

You also have to have an account at www.wordpress.com so if you don’t have an account there go over and sign up (It’s free), then sign up at Gravatar. Gravatar uses the same details as your WP account).

Once you’re signed up to both, login to Gravatar where you can add as many email addresses as you wish. You then give each email address its own avatar, so whatever email address you use to comment, it will use the avatar for that particular email.

This apparently also works for information on your own blog, (I’ve not tried that yet), so if you have an avatar plugin on your own blog, any comments you reply to will show your piccie.

I’ve signed up and it works perfectly, so that’s one of those stupid little mysteries that really used to annoy me solved. 🙂

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    • Sky Nealon

      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for the great share about gravatar, I was wondering why my gravatar image only worked with one email address and not the other. Your blog post helped me to solve this and yeah, it’s better to have an image of someone attached to their comments. Keep up the great work and all the best with the P2S course.

      Kind regards

    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Kim, very useful tip:-) I have been in the same situation, wondering how to create these Avatars a lot of people seem to have…now you have saved me the research…


    • Peter Jackson

      Thanks Kim.
      I had no idea how to do this; I really didn’t want to use my own portrait
      because I have a face for radio.

    • Elaine Summers

      Hi Kim
      Thanks for the great tip have always wondered how this happened. Going over to sign up and choose a picture that can follow me around.

    • Dave Thomas

      Hi Kim

      Went through the procedure and added my blog, but my avatar id still not showing. I’ll look if I can add this e-mail address as I thought you could only add one and added the wrong one probably!

      If I get it sorted, next comment might have me staring right back at you! 🙂


    • kimstanderline

      Make sure you’re using the same email as you put in the gravatar site Dave

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