publishing  text vectorI’ve been using WordPress practically since the day it came out. Indeed I can remember all the excitement radiating around this new phenomenon called blogs and blogging. I used to think folks that wanted to ‘blog’ were a load of complete and utter geeks and nerds. Why on earth for instance would anyone want to know what others were doing online? Obviously this was in the old wild west days of the Internet before Web2. How things have changed. 

Like Topsy the whole blogging thing grew out of all recognition and now WP dominates the online scene from personal lifestyle blogs to sites selling a ton of different stuff online, be it eBooks or Trainers from Amazon.

Obviously you had other blog platforms such as blogger etc but right from the start and as simple as it was in those days WordPress dominated the scene.

I’ve had a load of blogs in my time. I probably still have a couple still up on blogger if I could be bothered to go hunt them out, but like most other folks out there I’ve always preferred the WordPress platform, and I still have a ton of WP sites out there unloved and untouched because I never had the time to keep them updated or I lost interest in them.

One of the reasons why I did that was it’s such a pain to keep them all updated. I’ve never been that interested in using WP as a selling platform because I use my own membership software to do that. I’ve tried it several times but to be honest I always went back to using EMP or uploading a site using Front Page. (I loved Front Page for those of you who can remember it)…

Another reason is even though I used WP a lot, I really only ever knew the basics about it, I always thought I never had the time to really explore it and how it works. Well that’s what I told myself, in all reality I just couldn’t be bothered to actually sit down and learn it’s intricacies, so for years I’ve merrily gone on my way churning out substandard blogs that I eventually lost interest in. 

So with that in mind and as part of my new ethos of getting to grips fully with everything to do online, I’ve decided to embrace WordPress and explore it fully mainly with this particular blog in mind. One of the first things is, I know my own limitations so I’m not going to go off half cocked and set up a load of different blogs, I don’t need or want them. I’ve decided to just keep and use it to keep everyone informed about everything I do and just catagorise all my posts as needed. 

So watch this space, who know’s I may eventually become a blogging expert 🙂 

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