One of my biggest failings is I don’t email my lists often enough and before anyone tut tuts I know I’m crazy stupid and yes I intend to rectify it shortly as part of my new long term goal. When I think about it I have absolutely no idea and no excuse as to why I’ve neglected such an important part of my IM business for so long, I’m totally ashamed of myself!

The thing is, rightly or wrongly even at the height of when I was online I never emailed my list as often as I should have done, which was really silly because I had a super responsive relationship with most of those I engaged with and whenever I did promote anything, I was nearly always near the top in any leader boards (winning on the odd occasion). One of my fondest memories is selling $20k worth of Xsitepro. (I loved Xsitepro)..

But for some reason I found emailing my list an absolute chore and I still do.

My problem now is that I have a list of about 6k (which is growing daily) and many of those people have been with me since I was online previously, but many are from sites I’ve set up since so I haven’t developed a meaningful relationship with them. I’ve also got another biggish list in my 1Sc account that I’m not sure about trying to breathe life into as it’s from when I was online previously. I would imagine many of those email addresses are long since dead, yet I’ve kept the account open for a number of years ‘just in case’ so I suppose I should try something to make the fact I’ve been paying my subs worth something!

This all came to a head today really, when it really hit home I don’t communicate with my list as I should. I’ve just sent out a short email to them all to let them know about our EMP offer and I just got an ubsub saying it was spam :-(  Crikey I’ve never send a spammy email in my life!!

So I need to get them warmed up and sorted a tad so they love me and with this thought in mind I’ve decided to devote much of next week to getting my various lists tidied up and thinking I’m wonderful!!

I’ve got a few ideas on how I’m going to do this, but as I’m the first person to admit this is one of my weaknesses, I’m also going to trawl the net and see if I can find some useful advice so wish me luck…

Any advice is also gratefully received!

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    • Dave Thomas


      Saw your post about reconnecting with your list on Facebook and it got me thinking about a very small list I have on one of my old sites where I was going to write about my dogs (Lhasa Apso, boy and girl), but never did!

      So I’m thinking of finishing my e-book simply entitled “Living With My Lhasa Apso’s” and pushing it out to them and see if they bite. I’ve probably posted 2 or 3 times a year to the list and have only one unsubscribe after nearly seven years!

      All the best with you list resurrection


      • kimstanderline

        Go for it Dave

        Some of the smallest lists can be the most responsive.

        I’ve just got a couple of hundred in my kindle list at the mo and they surprise me every time I promote something, especially as it isn’t very often!!!

    • Rose Schwarz

      Hi Kim

      I am a newbie and do not yet have a lot of experience dealing with a list. I think if I was in your position I would send freebies and some valuable tips and info for maybe the next 2 or 3 mailings before offering to sell them anything. Hopefully that would warm up most of them!

      Hope all goes well pulling them back in!


    • kimstanderline

      I think you could have some good ideas there Rose and along the lines of what I’ve been thinking myself, thanks for the suggestions

    • igor Griffiths

      Well hello Kim, I know how you feel I have one list that was easy to build, I guess the offer and the marketing were a good match. However I have not communicated with that list in over a year…there has always been something easier or ‘better’ to do.

      We are told there are mandatory systems for email delivery and email content routines which all add to make creating emails an unpleasant and mechanic experience.

      Rather we should treat it as giving a friend our best idea, it may not be related to our last promotional post or perhaps its only slightly related. That really does not matter what is vital is that the content adds value to the conversation and to their lives.

      Another tip is to swipe all the interesting content you encounter online using a service such as Evernote then when you are struggling for things to write, you can simply create a ‘did you hear about….’ email.


    • kimstanderline

      It’s nice to see I’m in such good company Igor lol

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