Those of you who will have read my about me page will know that Mike (my programming partner) and I have been doing a great deal of work in updating EMP over the last couple of years, building it into something I like to think is now pretty awesome. Well he’s been upgrading it, I’ve just been nagging at him 🙂

Anyway we still have a lot of ideas etc for future upgrades but we’ve decided the time has come to get EMP back out there in the forefront of membership sites where it belongs. (It was at the top when we first launched it way back in 2007)…

So I’ve teamed up with Simon Warner and Richard Fairburn (two of the UK’s most prolific IM marketers) who have kindly agreed to help me relaunch what I think is one of the best membership scripts out on the net.

The launch will be starting on 15th April (for a week) and there are going to be some pretty awesome affiliate opportunities if you would like to climb on board and help us promote it. You can get more details from the JV page here They are still putting the finishing touches to the JV page, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

There is the opportunity to make up to $100 per sale and there’s an affiliate contest, so if you’re interested then we would love to see you.

BTW watch the vid to the end, Simon is a real cheeky so and so lol

Let me know if you have any questions etc below…

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    • igor Griffiths

      Well hello Kim as a former user of EMP I can certainly vouch that it is a great stand alone membership script, I only switched due to its lack of JVZoo affiliate integration.

      However with this new version and its launch which comes at an ideal time with Wishlist member my script of choice no longer having a viable theme partner in Optimizepress to make the site look great. Plus with OP2 failing to impress many of the leading membership site creators I listen to, I am sure your script will do really well.

      I will have to take another look as I was not sure which direction to go with my plans for creating membership sites for the reasons I have mentioned above.


      • kimstanderline

        Hi Igor

        We’ve had JVZoo integration for a while now (and it works perfectly 🙂

        As a previous customer you’ll still have a licence somewhere. If you can’t find it, let us know on the desk and we’ll route it out for you.


    • Shirley

      Hey this is really good news – as far as I am concerned I read all there was to read up about the EMP membership sites when you launched them before…..It is most heart-warming to hear you are tweaking them into perfection….Will be interested to learn more when you launch.

    • kimstanderline

      Oh wow Shirley, fancy you remembering us from all those years ago, it’s come a long way since then!!


    • Robert Mason

      Hi Kim

      I have just signed up for your newsletter and I am enjoying reading through your blog.

      I see that you relaunched EMP just a year ago, when you invited jv partners and had a good deal for affiliates – $100 per sale and a competition. I checked out the jv offer page but got a 404 (I realise it was a year ago!!).

      So I thought I would ask if you are doing anything special for affiliates at present, or whether you are planning to in the near future. I have identified a market niche where I feel EMP would perform well.

      with all good wishes


    • Kim

      Hi Robert, send me an email and I’m sure we can work something out. I believe you have my email addy 🙂


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