Here’s an idea for a service business –Get people to pay you to bug them….

People know they should eat well, they know they should exercise, they also know they should put in extra time on their business, save more, etc. But without someone there to poke, prod and nudge them to do these things, they often don’t get done. (I’m a classic example)…

Imagine offering a coaching service in which you hold people accountable for what they do. You talk to them, find out what they want to accomplish, set up goals, timetables and schedules with them, and then check in with them to see if they’re meeting those goals. If they are, you pat them on the back. If they’re not, you get on their case and start nagging..

You’re the person with the carrots and the sticks. You’ve worked out ahead of time what they get when they meet goals and what happens when they don’t. You (nicely or not so nicely depending on your personality) apply pressure when it’s needed.

You give them a pep talk or sound off like a drill sergeant, depending on what motivates them. Most times all you’ll need is to express your disappointment. If they like you, they won’t want to disappoint you again and they’ll get off their butts and start doing some work.

Imagine the difference you could make in other people’s lives by offering a personal coaching service. And because you can only take on a certain number of clients in order to offer each one a decent personal service, you’ll want to charge good fees for your time. It’s a win win situation…

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