ebookPrivate label rights offer you a ton of opportunities to generate a solid income, and that is especially true with PLR e-books. I love PLR products and have been using them for years with great success.

It takes time to create an e-book and if you hire someone to ghost write your book you can incur significant cost. This is where it comes in useful to buy the PLR rights to e-books that are already written for you.

So how exactly do you make money with an e-book that hundreds of other people have also bought PLR rights to?

Well this is how I do it…

For a start you need to ensure before purchase that you read the license details carefully because its really important you have the ability to not only rewrite the book, but also add your self as the author. This is essential and if you can’t do this then the book is not fit for the purpose we’re talking about.

Some licenses say you can only replace yourself as the author if you rewrite a percentage of it, i.e 50%, well that’s fine as far as I’m concerned because it’s perfectly doable and in lot less time than you would think.

Watch out for those sites that boast you’ll be able to do anything you want once you purchase the PLR product. This is not true! There are certainly some PLR e-books that offer full rights to the e-book but you can’t assume that’s the way it is since just as many times it’s not.

I’d suggest you ensure the book is bought from the original seller if possible so you’re not scammed by some unscrupulous reseller who is violating the resell license. If it’s not the original seller, make sure you do your due diligence and buy it from someone who is reputable.

Another attribute that some marketers look for in a PLR e-book is called limited distribution, which means the book is not distributed in high numbers. For example the book has a limited distribution of 300 copies. When you compare this to an open distribution where thousands of the same book might be for sale you can see how it could help to improve your success in the selling of the book. To be honest I’m not that bothered about something being of a limited distribution because of the changes I’m going to make anyway.

So what do I do to make the book mine?

Without blowing my own trumpet too much I have to say I’m a pretty decent writer in my own right. I’ve written several books from scratch (Some with a co author), which have gone on to do very well. But writing your own book takes time which to be honest I don’t have huge amounts of at the moment. So if I want to get an e-book out on a specific subject really quickly (Within a couple of weeks), then I turn to PLR.

One of the main things I check for when examining a plr ebook to rewrite is how it’s written in the first place. For a start, you can always tell when a book is written by someone for whom English is not a first language.

The English language is notoriously difficult to write in if it’s not your own and I’ve found that just because someone speaks it really well, it doesn’t always mean they can write it. English syntax is really hard to get to grips with and I’ve found through experience they are really hard to rewrite when written by someone for whom English is not their first language even though the content may be excellent.

So I’ve edited/rewritten my book ensuring it’s factual and easy to read. I’ve also ensured it has as few spelling mistakes as possible. Spelling mistakes make your product look cheap and rushed and there are many of us out there who are spelling Nazi’s.

It also has to be really easy to read and it has to ‘flow’ reading something that is disjointed can be really difficult.

PLR graphics and salespages

One thing I never do is use the graphics or the title that came with the e-book. (Lots of folks trip up over this one). Yup it’s very tempting to go down that route especially if you have received the book from a well known good quality membership site etc, (They tend to have excellent quality graphics etc). But a lot of other people also belong to that site, and even if only a minority of them use the graphics etc you still copies out there. What you’re essentially doing is just putting the same e-book online as those other vendors. It’s a big newbie/cheap mistake you don’t want to make because your book is going to be unique.

If a sales page comes with the e-book I don’t use the graphics from that either though I’ll probably use the page itself as a template. The sales copy will also need a number of changes because usually its pretty crappy. Again I tend to use the original as a template and make a lot of changes.

Change your Graphics and Titles

I’m saying this again because it’s so important. It’s easy and not too expensive to grab yourself new graphics. Toddle over to fiverr and see what you can grab from there. I bet you could get brand new graphics for both your e-book and sales page for less than 50 bucks. I can assure you it’s money well worth spending when you do so.

Just to finish, If you’ve edited your book substantially so it’s good to read and you’ve got some decent graphics why don’t you think about putting it on the kindle platform once you’ve finished selling it online. Obviously you’d have to check out the kindle rules as they can be quite strict, but it’s easily done especially if you decided to rebrand it yet again with a different name etc.

    3 replies to "Make Money With a Private Label Rights (PLR) E-Book.."

    • Ian McKay

      Hi Kim
      Great article and good advice. I’ve published a few books via the Amazon KDP but never used PLR. Thought about it lots of times, but i don’t know enough about it, or the best sources; so, for the time being, I will leave it for the future.

      Best wishes

      Ian McKay M A

    • kimstanderline

      You’ve got to be really careful if you think about using PLR on Kindle as it’s really frowned on. It’s why you should always rewrite substantially, make it good and use your own graphics etc

      Thanks for responding Ian

      • Ian McKay

        I am a writer with an MA in writing for film and television; and, I wouldn’t dream of plagiarising. If I ever bought PLR stuff, I can assure you that it would be re-written and would be unrecognisable when I finished. The reason that I have, occasionally, thought about it is simply to increase my own output.

        Keep up the good work Kim!

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