A picture paints a thousand words, especially on the internet, because they can hold your reader’s attention. We all know folks can usually just spend seconds on a site before clicking away, so grabbing their attention and holding it is really important.

So if you need to teach or demonstrate anything involving statistics and facts, it’s an idea to consider either designing an infographic or hiring a graphic artist to do it for you. (They can be very reasonably priced).

Using an infographic to convey your message can be very effective, it hold the reader’s attention for much longer, and can increase both their comprehension and their retention of the material you’re giving them. Once you have them interested in something on your site, they are much more likely to stay and explore.

You’ll find an excellent resource for infographic inspiration right here:

One more benefit of using infographics is they are far more likely to be shared through social media than a simple page of words and statistics, this can result in lots more traffic for your site. This factor alone can make the extra effort and expense of creating an infographic worth every minute and penny you invest.

Give it a try and see what you think…

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    • Dave Thomas

      Thanks for that Kim

      I have been experimenting with Venngage although the “free” options seem a bit limited as they only give you a couple of them, but, as you say, they spice up any free report and do catch the eye.

      I’ll have a look at the other options and see about using those in place of Venngage!
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