wfWell, well that’s an interesting email I received this morning from the new owners of the WF.

It looks as though they are going to go head to head with JVZoo and all those other payment processors out there offering to help you sell your products, though I’m not 100% sure about their accuracy considering they addressed me as  dzacek in their email 🙂

It’s going to be really interesting to watch as it all pans out, think of the resources the new owners (Freelancer) have at their finger tips, I should say they are able to source numerous excellent coders and programmers to ensure they build a decent platform, though they will have to work hard to compete against JVZoo, (or am I just biased).

Hopefully the winners from a tad more competition will be us the vendors as WP  have deliberately undercut their competitors and as you can see from the image, its a lot, especially compared to JVZoo.

I’m going to continue to use JVZoo though until I see how the new kid performs, they’ve made me a decent amount of money since I started using them a couple of years back, though of course I’ll be checking out how WP works. (Ids be a fool not to).

There ‘s quite an interesting discussion on it here 

Hmm apparently it’s quite basic, no recurring memberships (that’s a shame), or the ability to delay payments (that’s a catastrophe waiting to happen), the inability to delay payments must be having those would be scammers rubbing their hands in glee!!


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    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Kim, I received the same email…I have been a member of WF for a while now and it really does seem that the new owners are taking it in a very positive direction and knowing that it has 780,000 members who are all IM related makes it an ideal platform for selling our IM related products. I will certainly look at it in more depth when it comes to selling my first P2S product.

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    • kimstanderline

      Hi Richard

      I’ve been reading a few threads about it on the WF, apparently it’s quite simplistic at the moment, but I bet they will be adding on stuff in the near future

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