kindlebookDo you know what makes the difference between selling 50 copies of your new Kindle book and 5,000 copies?

Well it’s promotion….

There’s absolutely no point in spending days/weeks/months writing a book, throwing it up on kindle and expecting the hordes to come desperate to buy, (because they won’t). And as someone who has written a number of kindle books I should know because I learned this lesson the hard way…

So I’ve put together a number of places and ways to promote your new Kindle book that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, I hope you find them useful.

Websites that will announce your book to the world: Some of these websites have a tremendous amount of visitors and they can indeed send a great many eyeballs to your latest Kindle book.

One caveat: Always follow their submission instructions – submissions that don’t follow the rules get deleted.

HINT: These are also great websites for finding free Kindle books for your own reading pleasure.

Another really great/cool idea..

Amazon offers KDP Select Free Promo Days. You can use this to basically give away your Kindle book (if you want to) for $0.00. The websites above are even more likely to promote your Kindle book during the time when it’s free, so it’s definitely something to consider – especially if your real goal is list building.

Rather than go into a lengthy explanation of Amazon’s KDP Select Free Promo Days, you can check out the following articles:

Amazon’s own page:

More websites that can be helpful in your Kindle book writing and promotions:

Highly rated books on book promotion:

How to work with a co-author without killing each other:

Book directories: Note, some of these are free and others aren’t, but all have a good reputation at the time of writing. And since more directories are being added all the time, I recommend also doing a Google search.

That lot should keep you busy for a while, let me know if you can think of any more and I’ll add them to the list

Till next time

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