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Here’s a good one I found that you could try…

Let’s say you already have an opt-in page for your email list. When someone signs up, they’re taken to a thank you page where they download your gift for signing up.

Here’s how this could work:

On your thank you page, add an additional call to action to help build your list, using Twitter and ClickToTweet.

Pre-populate the Tweet with something like, “Thank you for subscribing to our list, you’d really make my day if you’d click the link below and tweet our list out to your followers.”

The tweet includes your @name, #hashtag, opt-in page URL, and a short message from your subscriber. And the text might read like this: “I’m so glad  I joined Kim’s VIP List.” (Or whatever)..

This makes it as simple as possible for your subscribers to share your brand’s email list with others.

Hmm the original post URL seems to have vanished, so using the main blog source below… 🙂

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