Writers Make Money with Private Label Resell E BooksThere’s a flaw in all PLR, regardless of how well it’s written, it’s not unique to you!

This is because other people purchased the exact same PLR, and no doubt they’re selling it at some rock bottom daft price of $17 or even $7. So how can you quickly and efficiently re purpose your PLR products so they’re unique to you and command a good price in the market place?

I’m thinking three ways…

Change the package. First, choose a new name for it and get new graphics created. If you want some inexpensive graphics, you can get them done at http://fiver.com. (Use some one with a good history).

Second, rewrite the sales letter, or at least the headline and opening copy. This should only take you about 30 minutes, and you’ll have a product that looks and sounds unique.

Here are another 16 Formats to Consider When re purposing your PLR…

1. Article Marketing
2. Advertorial
3. Blogging
4. Case Studies
5. Digital Newsletters
6. eBooks
7. Email / Autoresponder Series
8. Microsites
9. Mobile Applications
10. Podcasts
11. Print Magazines and Newsletters
12. Social Content
13. Teleclasses & Telecasts
14. Videos
15. Webinars
16. White Papers

Change the delivery. If it’s currently one long ebook, consider breaking it up into an autoresponder course delivered over several days or weeks. Or do a 4 week long webinar, tackling one key point each week. Record it into videos or mp3’s, or do a combination of any of the above. By changing the delivery method, you get a whole new product that is often worth far more than the original.

Combine several into one. Let’s say you’ve got several PLR ebooks on getting traffic – you could break up and recombine the material into one giant course, complete with webinars and transcripts. Or you can take several books on marketing basics and combine them into a beginners’ course for new marketers. By combining 2 or more PLR products into one, you’re offering a far more comprehensive, and thus more valuable product.

Bonus: Use the PLR as a start to a whole new product. Go in and write a new introduction, add your own stories and examples, elaborate on points made in the material, add your own videos or audios, etc. You’re not changing the PLR so much as you are adding to it and expanding it. Again, you’ll have a product that uniquely yours, and the head start the PLR gives you can cut your product creation time in half or less.

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