Find membership sites and products in your niche that are HOT and offer them your content for free. (I’ve done this several times in the past).

This is a win/win for you and everyone involved. It’s a win for the product or membership site owner because they’re going to get great content for their buyers and members, free of charge. It’s a win for their customers because they get your content, and it’s especially a win for you because you get free traffic and a list of guaranteed buyers looking at your content.

Let’s say your niche is nutrition for weight loss. You could contact every fitness and weight loss membership site and product site you can find and offer them either a free product you’ve created, or an interview made just for their members.

If it’s exclusive content, it gives their members and customers more value. If they use it as a product or membership bonus, it can mean additional sales for them. Be sure to include your links in the product or interviews, offering another free bonus for signing up on your own website.

If you offer an affiliate program, have the membership site owner or product owner sign on as an affiliate and use his link. It’s another win situation for him as he will make yet more money.

Nearly every bit of traffic you get from this method is going to be from buyers. If your bonus is featured on their sales page, you may also get some traffic from people Googling you.

How do you find the memberships sites? One way is to use keywords in Google such as ‘club,’ ‘month,’ ‘join,’ ‘membership,’ etc. In our weight loss nutrition example, you might search for “fitness club,” “weight loss join,” “exercise membership,” etc.

If you’re searching for products, look at the hot sellers on Clickbank and other affiliate networks, as well as using keywords such as ‘report,’ ‘ebook,’ ‘affiliate,’ etc.

Do just one of these a week and you could build a substantial list of buyers on autopilot. Remember, top products sell for months, and memberships sometimes sell for years. This provides you with great free exposure and makes you into even more of an expert, since your name will be associated with all of these products and membership sites and their owners.

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